Saturday, September 25

LinkedIn (also) says goodbye to their stories | Digital Trends Spanish

Ephemeral stories are a format that, although it has been replicated on practically all social networks, they have only had real success on Instagram and Snapchat (where they were born). Twitter recently announced the end of its stories called Fleets and now it is LinkedIn who, just a year after launching this format, will also give it the rapier.

Liz Li, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, confirmed via a post on the platform that the stories on the social network have come to an end and that they will be deleted at the end of September. Li explains that this format has not finished fitting in with users of the professional social network and that his intention is to reconvert the story format into a richer and more conversational video experience. “We want to adapt the media and the creative tools of the stories and integrate them more with our professional identity.”

According to Li, the company has used the time in which the stories were active as a learning process with which to discover what users really demand from the platform. At the moment it is not clear how LinkedIn will turn this feature towards a more professional format, but the company promises to show its news soon.

LinkedIn continues with this movement in the wake of Twitter, which last July closed the door of its Fleets after only eight months in operation. Now the section previously occupied by Fleets is used by Spaces, Twitter’s public audio room feature similar to the Clubhouse format.

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