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LinkedIn Learning: these are the 30 free courses it offers | Digital Trends Spanish

For a limited time, until February 1, LinkedIn Learning offers free access to 30 courses, which can be classified into a series of topics—from R programming to Amazon Web Services (AWS)—and different levels of complexity.

Better preparation opens up the possibilities for high-paying jobs, which are increasingly moving remotely.

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Data scientists at Ladders, a site aimed at six-figure job seekers, think a quarter of all good-paying jobs will be available remotely by the end of 2022.

That’s why these free courses from LinkedIn Learning are a good fit for those looking to add a little polish to their resume and have more opportunities to stand out in their next search. From Business Insider these are said to be led by industry experts.

You will be interested:

Free LinkedIn Learning Courses

Preparation for an interview

Especially for those who are looking for a new career path, these programs give them the tools to know how to answer the question: “What are your salary expectations?”, the importance of body language and the basics of video interviews, among other.

Job Search Strategies

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the state of remote work and how to negotiate your salary are some of the segments of the courses related to job search strategies. An obligatory stop to have more favorable results if it is time to change your environment.

product management

From becoming a product manager to creating a strategy, product management is something to take seriously, and nothing better than these courses to keep you up to date.

business marketing

Looking to chart your own marketing roadmap or have the tools to write an integrated communication strategy? Or maybe you want to know what plan to run once you’ve built a campaign. This and more will become more than clear with these programs.


The topics of these courses range from understanding the basics of this programming language to how to obtain the data that is required. are ready for users beginners, intermediates Y advanced.


Also from the most basic to the characteristics of a “Great Scrum Master”, these programs take you to another level in the process in which a set of good practices is applied to work collaboratively and, consequently, obtain the best possible result.


What is the use of having good content if you do not have a good reach and visibility? These courses teach all kinds of SEO techniques and tools to improve what is published online.

Agile Methodologies

If you want to bring Agile principles to your team, it’s time to get going with these courses, which range from general to advanced.

Programming language in R

R is a free, open source language for data science that is among the most popular platforms for professional analysts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

These courses refer to cloud computing services that the firm defines as reliable, scalable and accessible.


Just to increase interest, some of these courses allow you to obtain the certificate that shows the knowledge obtained. This can be added to your LinkedIn profile under Licensing & Certifications, downloaded as a PDF to share with others, or sent as an image.

LinkedIn Learning offers all kinds of topics and courses to both individual professionals and work teams, which are taught by experts.

With a one-month free trial, the individual subscription can be paid month-to-month ($26.99) or annually ($39.99).


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