Tuesday, May 24

List of comics that sweep the public and clueless businessmen

Are women funny? If in 2021 someone believes that this question not only makes sense, but is also lawful to open a debate, it is because there are still those who answer that no, that “the level of women is lower to make humor.” These were the words spoken by the manager of La Chocita del Loro, Francisco Carretero, in a interview in El País. What was intended to be, in turn, a clarification of the statements that the director of the mythical room of stand up comedy in Madrid he had done a few days before – “much of the humor that they do is victimist or very feminist” -, it became a reaffirmation of the inequality that has led the place to make a billboard with a single woman in front of 26 men.

For them, however, it is not about machismo, but about economic profitability: “The level of comedians in Spain takes a while, you have to give them one or two years to be at the same level as the comedians in Spain. La Chocita del Loro ”, explains Carretero, arguing that their decisions are made taking into account the sale of localities and the problem is that they do not“ just come together because they do not attract people ”. The statement does not correspond to reality, as shown by the data of the tickets sold by the shows humor starring women in the capital.

It also contains the clearest evidence of an internalized misogyny by presenting female comedians as a homogeneous group with “one or two years to go”, as if they were a tray of cookies being baked. “I haven’t heard this speech for ten years. Was a deja vu, once again all the comics in the same bag ”, Pilar de Francisco stated in a statement to this newspaper about the controversy. “It was like when I was going to act and a spectator told me ‘I don’t like comics but today I liked you’, assuming that we were all the same.” So it turns out that either all women are funny or none are, Either they all sell tickets or none of them do, or they all have a very feminist humor or none at all. From this logic, justifications as repeated as this are born when the absence or minimal presence of women in an event is pointed out: once it was done And it was a failure, as if every comedian – artist, doctor or footballer – had the responsibility of representing half of humanity.

“Women, neither in humor nor in anything, are a niche, we are not a unit, we are not the same,” wrote Isa Calderon on Twitter about it on Wednesday, and continued: “How cool that each one does what they want? not? Although even the mainstream have screwed it up ”. Because, in fact, the only thing that unites humorous women is probably the last thing Calderón points out: no one is allowed to be as mediocre as a man. Deformed weekly, the Show which he conducts alongside Lucía Lijtmaer, fills theaters in Barcelona and Madrid, and does so largely laughing at the absurdity of continuing to speak of women as an identical block.

What do Eva Hache, Pilar de Francisco, Ana Morgade, Patricia Conde, Irene García, Raquel Sastre, Patricia Sornosa, Car de Lorenzo, Llum Barrera, Soy a Pringada, Ana Pono, Oye Sherman, Perra de Satán, Lorena Iglesias have in common , Paula Pua, Valeria Ros, Susi Caramelo, Henar Álvarez, Lala Chus, Anna Simón, Silvia Abril, Virginia Riezu or Bianca Kovacs? Perhaps not much more than being the subject of phrases such as: “to be a woman you are quite funny.” For this reason, any list of Spanish comedians will necessarily be incomplete, partial and insufficient; but these lines serve as a small demonstration of the diversity of humor that comedians are doing, and incidentally, a few ideas for those who want to sell tickets.

Martita from Graná

Martita de Graná is said to have triumphed with a classic or conventional humor; But for a woman to run out of tickets wherever she is claiming her land, her accent, her customs, and without leaving feminism aside, it doesn’t seem to be much conventional. For this summer it has a program that will take it to more than 20 cities, from the Euskalduna Palace to the Cartagena auditorium, and there is practically not a single location available.

Martita de Graná, as a good daughter of her time, began by posting videos on the internet that soon became viral. Now he has almost a million and a half followers on Instagram and as many on Facebook and Twitter. Few answers are more forceful for the words of those responsible for La Chocita del Loro than the video that he hung up five days ago in which, standing in front of a Fuengirola stadium and raising a beer, he claimed that the one who had made them laugh that night was a woman. “A hug to all those wonderful comedians from this country, we continue in the fight, sisters. I could tag them all but there is not so much talent in a single post, “wrote Martita under the video on Instagram.

Asaari Bigang

In the book And despite everything here I am (Ediciones B) Asaari Bigang narrates the difficulties and racist mechanisms that she has suffered from the age of six, when she came to Spain from Guinea, until she became the actress and stand-up commentator she is today. Bigang has had its own show at the Small Gran Vía Theater, The black battle, where he deals with this vital trajectory from the humor. She has also acted within the Empowered Comedy Cycle, a network of comedians who fight for women to have the same job opportunities, both in comedy circuits and as a presence in the media.

In 2019, Bigang attended the program ‘La Resistencia’ as a guest and there she gave David Broncano a t-shirt that said “Being a lord also leaves”, alluding to the fact that they had no collaborators in the program. A delivery without drama for the presenter, but which, nevertheless, earned him a whole cyberbullying campaign on Twitter.

Penny jay

Precisely who accompanied Bigang that night in ‘The Resistance’ was Penny Jay. Together they were doing the open mic monologues at that time Riot Comedy. Penny was also the creator of this Show that he had a goal, in principle, not too ambitious: to bring together a few women fed up with males who tell male-to-male jokes and laugh together. In three years this idea has become a complete revolution: Riot Comedy Fem It has successfully toured Spanish territory for months and for a year, given the impossibility of performing live due to the pandemic, they created Riot Comedy 5G.

Penny Jay is the perfect example of how to be successful it is better to create your own project than to fight tirelessly to enter the hegemonic scenarios where misogyny reigns. “I decided that instead of forcing me to change my mood for some people who were denying me, I was going to create a space of my own with my colleagues and with my audience,” the comedian said a few days ago in an interview for Pikara, “I started to get on the Riot and I gained confidence and later, when I had to take the step towards those spaces that used to scare me, I hit it off. Many people said that my shows they weren’t going to work in mixed spaces, the public was going to reject me, and I, like a mule, got on more and more. Now they respect me both in mixed and non-mixed spaces ”.

Stretching the gum, with Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín

Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martin’s podcast has been the most listened to in Spain on several occasions. The third season of the Podium Podcast recently ended with a guest of honor: Chelo García-Cortés. For them, their success has been none other than talking about what a few years ago seemed inappropriate for radio conversations: the stains on your pants that sometimes your period leaves you, how to manage anger with a friend, the myth of love romantic or how to cope with anxiety.

Their success is also based on the premise of doing everything themselves: after meeting as collaborators on a program Los 40 Principales they launched with a series for YouTube, Valid, where they wrote the script themselves and were the protagonists. Now they have added LIVE to ‘Stretching the gum’ and it is possible to see them live on stage. The only downside for viewers is that tickets sell out in a matter of hours.

Charlie pee

Charlie Pee started in comedy as the lead of the series The marvelous Mrs. maisel -That is why she has her photo on the Twitter profile-, telling a dramatic story that she had not surpassed by any means: her boyfriend had just left her and spat what was inside her as a catharsis. And it worked, at least as a comedic monologue: “I wanted to cry and people laughed,” he explained recently on Twitter. Now, every noon Pee’s voice sounds alongside that of Elisenda Carod and Elisenda Pineda in L’Apocalypse of Catalunya Ràdio. It also organizes and takes part in the stand up shows in Barcelona Comedy Gold, L’altre Micro Obert Y Roast Battles Barcelona.

Charli Pee is, without a doubt, a key piece of the comedy scene in Barcelona, ​​she opted for monologues in Catalan when they barely existed. He boasts of being irreverent, talking about sex without shame and his personal brand consists of calling whoever he pleases a “son of a bitch”. Of course, Pee has his own particular controversy: in March 2019 El Terrat proposed him to write a fiction series together with two colleagues for TVE. Drama It was harshly criticized on social networks on the day of the premiere because it combined dialogues in Catalan and Spanish. “We have promoted the birth of stand up in Catalan, but of course, you do a series for Spanish television with 70% in Catalan and 30% in Spanish and you deserve to be burned at the stake “, wrote Charlie Pee in Catalan as an answer on his wall,” Why aren’t you burning me sons of bitches, why? “, He added in a second tweet.

Elsa ruiz

Elsa Ruiz’s comedy is based on exposing the approaches of far-right organizations such as Hazte Oír. “They are so ridiculous that the jokes practically made themselves,” he explained in an interview in Watch TV about his latest hit monologue Pineapple pizza: the last slice, a title that alludes to an intervention of hers in 2018 in ‘La Resistencia’ on gender identity: “For those of you who don’t like it, do you consider that pizza if it has pineapple is an aberration, that it stops being pizza, that if you don’t like it? Like, do you have a problem at the head level? Pizza is pizza, it’s not what you throw at it. People are not very different. ”

Elsa Ruiz has masterfully combined activism against transphobia in the media and humor, using her own experience as raw material. The media recognition of Ruiz on a large scale came with his appearance, from the premiere, in ‘Todo es lie’, the magazine that Risto Mejide leads in Cuatro and that he left without giving many explanations.

Silvia Sparks

Comedian and philosopher: this is how Silvia Sparks from Gijón defines herself on Twitter; and adds in the description of his own website that in 2015 he replaced Nietzsche’s books with comedy. “Normal sucks, deformed will win,” is the phrase that follows as a warning, because Sparks uses his own privacy and the customs of his generation to create acid, quirky and twisted monologues. Topics such as zoophilia, pedophilia or sadomasochism appear interspersed between trips to the Ikea, exercises in the gym and scrolling on Tinder.

Sparks performed weekly on the second season of Ignatius Farray’s show Commedia and is a contributor to late night ‘Those that were missing’, by Movistar +. On the portal where tickets for his latest show are sold, Sparks, the black humor show, has an honorable average of 9.9 out of 10. Listen in La Chocita del Loro what Inés, a spectator, says in the first comment: “It is the first time I was going to see a black humor monologue, and I was pleasantly surprised . Sharp, intelligent and cultured humor. I didn’t stop laughing for a minute. ”