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Listenburg: the fictional country that became viral on networks | Digital Trends Spanish

It has a flag, it borders Spain and Portugal, it has already held its political elections by electing its president, it has a history, embassies in other nations and even thriving companies, it is Listenburg, a fictional country that was created as a twitter prank.

If even the listerbungues national anthem has already been released:

Hymne Officiel du Listenbourg

And its creator is Gaspardo, who calls himself the president of this invented nation to ridicule the lack of culture in the United States.

Je suis sûr que les américains ne connaissent même pas le nom de ce pays ptdrrr

— Gas🅿️ardo (@gaspardooo) October 30, 2022

“I’m sure Americans don’t even know the name of this country hahaha,” says Gaspardo.

In 2005, CNN was ridiculed after stating that the French cities Strasbourg and Toulouse were located in Germany and Switzerland, respectively, while in 2014, Donbas was located in Pakistan.

Thread sur l'histoire incroyable du Listenbourg, le pays que a su se faire discret :

— Quick anecdotes 📚 (@anecdote_rapide) October 31, 2022

To all Chileans who plan to travel to Listenburg there is a highly developed rail network as you can see in the tweet below.

— Listenburg Embassy in Chile (@ListenbourgCL) November 1, 2022

Part of his fabricated story on Twitter reads as follows:

«The first traces of this country date back to Plato in one of his texts ‘El Critias’, which in old listenbourgeois would mean ‘Great People’, tells us about an incredible civilization endowed with technology superior to all others«, he reviewed in a text in which he also assures that Listenburgo has fertile lands and that one of its resources is «orichalcum», an extremely resistant metal.

“The first known great leader of Listenburg was Listen 1st, a Roman soldier born in Naples who would stand out for his great military skills, took over the country and gave it the name of Listenburg. However, Listenburg remains a nation that knows how to stand on the sidelines and cultivates the art of diplomacy, from 754 to 1661, for nearly 1000 years, Listenburg will never go to war against another European nation,” he added.

Other users boasted about the quality of the wool manufacturing and its leadership in international motor racing competitions.

J'étais hier à la fête de l'agriculture au #listenbourg.
Merci aux éleveurs de m'avoir permis de visiter un des derniers ateliers de fabricacion de laine artisanale du pays.
Protect the little shops!

— Jean Lassalle (@jeanlassalle) November 2, 2022

Even this account uploads its beautiful sunrises:

Listenburg ao começar o dia:

— Helder Rodrigues (@Helder_odrigues) November 2, 2022

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