Saturday, March 2

Little Caesars boosts its expansion in Spain, which will involve an investment of 15 million euros over five years

the american company Little Caesars Pizza, the third largest pizza chain in the world (after Pizza Hut and Domino’s), plans to open 50 stores in Spain in the next five years. The firm, which opens its second establishment in Barcelona this Thursday, proposes an ambitious expansion plan based mainly on franchises, which will involve a global investment of around 15 million euros between 3 and 5 years. Andrés de Robina, vice president of the international division of Little Caesars, calculates that the minimum investment for one of its points of sale is about 335,000 dollars and in Spain they are looking for area promoters who have a minimum liquidity of 1.5 million euros. dollars and who can commit to a rapid development schedule.

The firm specializes in the sale of freshly made pizza to take away or sale ‘online’ with prices starting at five euros for margarita pizza and with a limit below 10 euros for any variety. In the ‘online’ shipments, it works with Glovo and Ubereats.

The chain began operating in the Catalan capital last September and has now decided to open this second restaurant to strengthen its commitment to Catalonia as a key territory in its expansion process in Europe. The new establishment is located on Paseo de Colom, in the Ciutat Vella district. In total, Little Caesars coordinates a total of seven establishments in Spain, five in Madrid and two in Barcelona.

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The firm is present in 27 countries, although most of its stores are in the US, with a presence in all states. Growth in recent years has been based on restaurants in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. The latest establishments have been opened in Colombia, Spain and Barbados. The next ones will open this 2022 in Russia, Portugal, Ecuador and the United Kingdom.

The business model of this chain of pizzerias is that of franchises, therefore focused on assisting partners by optimizing the supply chain of raw materials, processes, training and marketing.