Thursday, October 28

Live in Northern Ireland? You can get a free £100 high street shopping voucher-here’s how to apply for it by 25 October

You can use the card at any business that accepts card payments, HOWEVER, you can’t use the card online, to withdraw cash, or to pay for gambling or for some legal and financial services, such as mortgages, credit card payments, fines , insurance, and vehicle tax.

There’s no minimum or maximum spend using the prepaid card, so you can make multiple transactions to take you up to the £100 limit, or you can use the £100 towards a more expensive item. But the value of the card is £100, so don’t spend above this unless you can afford to and were planning to do so anyway-it’s not an excuse to overspend.

You need to have used up the balance on your card on or by 30 November 2021 as all cards expire on this date. Any remaining balance that isn’t used by this deadline will be returned to Northern Ireland’s Department for the Economy.

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