Friday, February 23

living on quicksand

Time after time, the electoral polls speak of a notable increase in the vote expectations of Feijóo’s PP, to the detriment of the PSOE, which would remain behind. And again and again, they reveal a paradox: the overwhelming support for the great decisions of the Government, even in the right-wing electorate, does not translate into votes. On the contrary, the PP continues to increase its advantage. Surveys are based on opinions. Often, not always, they are also manipulated by subjective and interested criteria. In any case, opinion seems to have kidnapped information from reality with serious consequences.

The damage is exacerbated if journalism does not fulfill its function of refuting the masked lie, especially in the statements of some politicians, providing real data. This is what Javier Ruiz, from Cadena SER, did with one of the many hoaxes launched by the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The same happens with the measures – from taxes to energy restrictions or support for the most vulnerable in this acute crisis caused basically by the war – that Europe has been forced to implement, not just Spain. The succession of tragedies that have been shaking us, starting with the pandemic, has demonstrated the failure of neoliberal policies. It is the welfare state that is in the thick of it, not the ‘every man for himself’ of those who only govern for the rich. The EU has been forced, I say, even though it is mostly neoliberal. Here, the right thinks, does not show, lies and… strains. With even lethal consequences.

The victims have not forgotten anything. At least those integrated in the State Platform of Organizations of Relatives and Users of Residences. They even ask for Ossorio’s resignation. And he refuses to rectify. Furthermore, this Thursday he received a standing ovation from Ayuso and the PP in the Madrid Assembly. They know their audience. And his strength.

Luckily, in the face of the commotion caused by Ossorio’s inhumanity and also by the pressure of the demonstrations and protests, the Prosecutor’s Office has finally announced that what happened in the residences will be investigated, listening to everyone, even those who have not filed suit. Because up to now the judicial procedures initiated have been minimal.

The problem is significant, especially in Madrid: it is proven in international registries that it was the Community with the highest increase in mortality in Europe during the pandemic. And yet, its main person in charge has traveled the world – with the help of the local press and thinktank of the international far-right – which had an exemplary management, supported by the “freedom” of the innocuous open terraces. Ayuso likes his fervent ones, subjectively. They do not attend to data. And there are plenty of them. In the management of the residences under the control of the communities – of which Vice President Ossorio wants to turn the page – definitive, overwhelming. Doing it as he proposes implies that the situation can repeat itself. They remain the same in their positions. And they are a public danger, given experience.

The Infolibre journalist, Manuel Rico, at the head of the journalistic investigations of the case -which was carried out by other media and not at all by some of them- has confirmed that the same thing did not happen in all of Spain. “The residents who died in the center itself were 77% in Madrid and 72% in Catalonia, while at the other extreme, Cantabria left the figure at 34%. The Ayuso Government executed a protocol that prevented the referral of many residents, with or without Covid, and the Torra Executive applied one to those over 80 who had the virus. And, without a doubt, they had an “unworthy” death, as another former Madrid councilor denounces: Alberto Reyero. Unworthy of a human being, worthy of those who so decided in the protocol of shame or in other scarcely edifying ones.

There is no doubt that a lack of empathy is not bothered by disregarding human life in this way, but that is not the world of decent people and it is possible to think of the remote possibility that some people do not know the truth and continue to be guided by opinions and appreciations emotional (highly unjustified by the way).

The terror jumps when Feijóo signs, among the controversial appointments for his team with a view to his government in Spain, Antonio Zapatero, Ayuso’s Deputy Minister of Health. For Public Health. ABC clarifies that is going to “reset the Health System”. In that idiomatic turn that almost brings to mind the hard drives of Bárcenas, when they were “reset” based on hammer blows. What is certain is that he would do it in the manner of Madrid, leader in the destruction of public health. Let us remember the report of Audita Sanidad and the union of Treasury technicians that warned of the “programmed deterioration of Madrid’s health system to facilitate the advance of investment funds”.

These are a few minimal examples of how confusing subjective assessments with the reality of the facts can have total significance. And it happens daily, in multiple areas and with increasing profusion.

Any autonomous animal is guided by its experience to relate events to consequences, where and how to find food, or signs of danger. Not multiple humans, apparently. It is true that there is an immense noise that scatters attention, but every conscious being must know what suits him. It gives the impression that for the pleasure of a victory in a battle of emotional sympathies, one is even capable of giving up one’s health and life in the effort.

Spain is a country with serious imbalances. Those elites who sink their roots in Francoism and grow up in educational inbreeding to shout their fascism and their machismo in a male-only college in Madrid, with the understanding of being attacked from the same stratum or social club. Those politicians who call themselves socialists and turn pale green when minimal privileges are taken away from the rich. Rotten bases that find allies even in their own ranks. Too much social “spending” for the taste of the national right, it seems that they are once again forcing an internal coup in the PSOE that resumes complicit alliances. The Spanish is not just any right: Feijóo’s PP asked Parliament to maintain the highest Francoist decoration that Mussolini and Hitler had, as an amendment to the Democratic Memory Law and has maintained it until the end.

No one in their right mind would build their home and their life, the future of their loved ones and of everyone, on a quagmire in which the foundations tremble and that engulfs the less experienced. Quicksand is a colloid hydrogel that appears as a solid matter if no outside agent is introduced. If this is the case, the balance changes and the water and sand separate and the ground loses all stability. Experts say that the best way to get out of sinking is to throw yourself on a plank, waving your arms vigorously to achieve it. If you’ll excuse me, I think that’s a great description of where swallowing hoaxes and half-news to ignore the truth leads.