Thursday, October 28

Llarena asks Italy to also hand over Comín and Ponsatí after accompanying Puigdemont to Sardinia

Judge Pablo Llarena has addressed his Italian counterparts to remind them that the delivery of Carles Puigdemont is not the only one they have pending: the magistrate assures that the European arrest warrants for ex-councilors Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí also remain active. Llarena leaves the door open, therefore, that the two are also arrested in Italy, where they accompany Puigdemont, and that the Sassari judges decide on their surrender to the Spanish authorities.

The European Justice withdraws the immunity to Puigdemont and considers the Euroorders suspended

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The two ex-minister have traveled to Sardinia in recent days on the day that the appeal court is going to decide whether or not to start the process of handing over Carles Puigdemont to the Supreme Court. The defense of the former identity claims that the process cannot go ahead taking into account that, although it is no longer protected by parliamentary immunity, the European courts still have to decide on a preliminary ruling issued by Judge Llarena himself.

The judge explains in a communication to the Italian judges that, through the press, he has learned that the two MEPs are in Sardinia and recalls that “the situation of the BEDs regarding these defendants is the same as that communicated on September 30 of 2021 regarding Carles Puigdemont “. Llarena maintains that his arrest warrants are precautionary measures that are not paralyzed or suspended due to the existence of that preliminary ruling.

Neither of them has been detained in the hours they have been in Sardinia accompanying the Catalan ex-president. Ponsatí arrived on the island on Saturday and Comín yesterday along with Puigdemont and was identified by the police at the hotel, as she herself explained in an interview with Vilaweb.

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