Wednesday, July 6

Local bands stand out on the second day of Azkena Rock, with some overwhelming Soziedad Alkoholika

The suffocating heat continues in Mendizabala, which opened at half past five in the afternoon with a performance by The Faithless from Gasteiz. Before just 300 people, who defied the 37 degrees that crushed the venue, they proved to be a fully consolidated band with very clear ideas. The presence of Javi Arteaga on keyboards, who has already collaborated on the recording of the album Reflections on the blueside, has added a touch of quality and color to the proposal; the versatility of this musician who feels as comfortable playing hardcore as funk or reggae is incredible.

Hugs, sweat and beer at the inauguration of Azkena Rock

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Half an hour later and without The Faithless having finished yet, the second group from Vitoria, Nukore, five albums already under their belt, Getting Lost being the last one, took the Love stage. Their aggressive rapcore, suggestive and catchy lyrics like PharMafia, not without melodies, perfect staging, pinpoint coordination, thunderous but clear sound, gives them the right to be part of the big international festivals like Azkena. Musicians with their heads on straight, convinced of what they do, with patience and humility; They deserve the recognition that their incredible performance, we trust, helps to consolidate.

At a quarter past seven, when Jerry Cantrell began, we saw how the health services intervened in the first fainting spell. They have been thirty since the beginning of the festival, most foreigners tell us, fortunately without major consequences.

The presence of the founding guitarist of Alice in Chains coincides with that of Adia Victoria, so the staff is forced to choose. The singer-songwriter from South Carolina dazzles the audience, who marvel at the suggestive atmosphere created by the quartet, offering an extremely original vision of country and blues based on most of the songs on their latest album, A southern gothic.

Drive-By Truckers, who are finishing their European tour and could not attend the presentation of their book, which we will talk about later, went from less to more with a poor sound at the beginning that was corrected as the performance progressed and ended with the favor of the public that already considers them family.

Also surprising was Mad Sin, a Berlin psychobilly punk band led by a plump Koefte deVille who did not stop jumping and rolling on the ground for that reason. Memorable performance that forced the Germans to make an encore.

And then came Delirium Tremens, the Mutriku gang led by Andoni Basterretxea. After thirty years inactive, it has returned to the stage to the delight of those of us who at the end of the 80s sang and danced endlessly to songs like Ikusi, Ni naiz naizena, Hies, Sua, Galduta nabil or Boga boga with which they closed a magnificent performance. Delirium’s punk rock, Andoni’s unmistakable voice, his way of singing and playing the guitar made them worthy of being part of Azkena’s history. We also hope that this revival of the quartet provides them with a new opportunity to expand their music.

The performance of Soziedad Alkoholika was expected, the first in this contest, and those from Gasteiz did not disappoint. Everything was overwhelming, the sound, the lights, the staging, undoubtedly SA is in top form to return to attack the international stages.

There was not room for a soul in the Trashville tent to see the fourth group from Álava of the day, the impressive Negra Cucaracha Terrorfolk, who performed with masks. On the same crowded stage and the closest thing to a sauna, the Cádiz-born La Perra Blanco later performed.

For the closing, storms and a large attendance are announced for the concerts by Emmylou Harris, Patti Smith and Suzi Quatro, who will share the stage with Black Mountain, Joseba Irazoki, Daniel Romano and Michael Monroe, who will close the event at 01:45.

Liburuak, the publisher sponsored by Last Tour, presents its first book at Azkena

Where not even the Devil stays, Touring the south with the Drive-By Truckers is the title of the first book of this brave and interesting initiative whose objective, according to its director Libe Mancisidor, is to provide quality content to the cultural and musical field in general in particular and contribute to generating a space for critical and creative thinking, social debate, learning, dissemination and enjoyment.

This first title of the collection, written by Stephen Deusner, is presented to us as a history of the band and its southern scenes and an intelligent and entertaining essay on the South of the United States through its music and trajectory.

An impeccable edition with a hard cover and high-quality paper reflects the Azkena organization’s commitment to this ambitious project, which has the invaluable collaboration of Pablos de Banizu Nizuke. Liburuak is divided into four collections: Burua (essay and reflection); Bihotza (biographies); Eskuak (technical and informative books, aimed at training professionals); and Arima (open to other types of genres). Reggaeton, a Latin Revolution, by Pablito Wilson, will be released in July; and The End of Rock, by the French writer and musician Marc Sastre.

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