Friday, December 3

Local politics has been hijacked by the municipal government

Local politics have been hijacked by the government of our City Council. Both PP and Ciudadanos are openly using our city as a loudspeaker for their national plans. Mr. Almeida is clear about it, he is part of a game with a very defined hard game strategy. The referee is not going to call a penalty, because the referee is a friend of a friend. Being mayor of Madrid serves to relentlessly demonize Pedro Sánchez. It is not bad for him, although it will not end well because only people without democratic elegance like to see a political party turned into a hunting dog. Then we have Mrs. Villacís, a consort deputy mayor, a member of a decaying party. Unlike Almeida, she does not defend a specific political project, no one in Ciudadanos does, they do not know how to argue an ideology without putting herself in profile. Hence, when he saw Ayuso (Esperanza Aguirre’s traditional avatar) make the most harmful of frivolities profitable, he decided to follow the path of the abyss.

The thing about beer and freedom is an insult to beer and freedom. A banality blown away by a blowing wind. This City Council has chosen to play Trumpian neoliberalism without falling into the grotesque. His idea, I dare to guess, was to turn the Madrid hospitality sector into a choir of palm trees that would sing a salve rociera every time they appeared on stage, but they have made a fundamental miscalculation. They forgot about the residents of this city. And why such an elemental clumsiness? Simple, because they, the neighbors, were not going to give them that media prominence that they were looking for, some more than others.

The Socialist Party of the city of Madrid, certainly a minority compared to the electoral weight of the capital’s right wing, has defended the residents from the first moment, without leaving the businessmen unprotected. The Covid terraces are born from an agreement of all the groups, but they are born with an expiration date: December 31, 2021. The lack of control, the lack of sanctioning will of this local government has made a necessary idea (I do not say good, I say necessary) has become something monstrous.

The Covid terraces are a bloody nightmare for the neighbors, they have generated a city model that destroys neighborhood life. People do not vote for their representatives to be treated like pawns in a game of chess. The residents of Madrid deserve that their councilors think of them from different sensitivities or without any sensitivity, as you prefer, but local politics must focus on the municipal, on the problems close to the people, on what they have powers for. The PSOE is overturned in the districts, in the streets. I am confident that we will earn the trust of the people of Madrid. When we do, we will toast with beer, in freedom, respecting the rest of the neighbors.

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