Friday, September 24

Logitech Introduces Desktop Cable Removal Dock | Digital Trends Spanish

Logitech has created a special product for the transition from office work to remote work. His name is Logi Dock and it’s basically a hub with a series of ports to connect various peripherals and thus turn it into a meeting and work management center.

The Logi Dock has two USB Type-A and three USB-C ports, one of which can charge a laptop (up to 85 watts of power). It also has a headphone port or headset, DisplayPort port, HDMI port, Bluetooth connectivity and it also comes with a built-in high-quality speaker.

What Logitech seeks with this product is to simplify the work environment, whether at home or in the office, and eliminate the amount of connections and cables that often end up on the desk without remedy.

An important detail is that the Logi Dock has compatibility with the Google calendar and with software for calls and meetings, such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, through a proprietary application from Logitech compatible with Windows and MacOS.

And thanks to this integration, the device delivers visual alerts when it is time to start a meeting, which the user can join by pressing a button directly on the device. The system has physical buttons with which you can also turn off the microphone or turn on the camera with a single touch.

The Logi Dock has a very sober presentation and is somewhat reminiscent of some more recent models of smart speakers such as the Google Home. However, and given its usefulness, its price is somewhat higher: it will cost $ 399 when it goes on sale during the last quarter of 2021.

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