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Logitech Pop Keys, a customizable keyboard that we love | Digital Trends Spanish

The keyboards, and specifically the mechanical and customizable ones, are in their moment of glory. You just have to open TikTok or Instagram to see hundreds of videos of the assembly of these peripherals.

Logitech, aware of this trend, launched a product for those looking for a mechanical and customizable keyboard, but not necessarily expensive. It’s about the Logitech Pop Keys, which combines a fresh and colorful aesthetic with fun and really useful functions.

a fun design

At first glance, this keyboard is not like the ones we are used to using. Its circular keys remind us of those of old typewriters, but all with a colorful image.

In this eclectic look, Logitech kept the portability of the device in mind. While it’s not exactly lightweight (in fact, one of my favorite things about it is that it feels sturdy), it’s compact and wireless.

The key travel is quite long compared to laptop keyboards, and of course the sound is louder. That said, we do not recommend this peripheral to work in a place with more people, as it can be annoying.

The size of the keys is smaller than in conventional devices. Personally, I found no problem and from the first moment I adapted very quickly to writing with it.

The keyboard is available in three colors, one that mixes black and yellow tones; another purple, green and yellow, and the one I tried, in shades of magenta and pink.

Customizable keys with emojis

One of the most notable features of this keyboard is the ability to customize the buttons. On the right side, it also has five dedicated emoji keys with which we can send a face with hearts (😍) or one that cries (😭) just by pressing them. Logitech includes several extra options in the box so that we can put the one we want.

In addition, not only can you customize which emoji to send, it is also possible to assign to the upper keys (from F4 to F12) productivity controls such as copy and paste, multimedia controls to play and pause and even specific functions such as switching applications in Windows.

Doing so is as simple as downloading the Logitech Options app for Windows or Mac, signing in, and manually assigning each option.

This keyboard offers us two forms of connectivity. On the one hand, the usual system using Bluetooth with which we can connect to a single device. On the other, a connection memory system with which it is possible to use it with up to three different devices. With F1, F2 and F3 you switch from one to the other quickly without having to link anything.

Logitech Pop Mouse

This keyboard comes with a matching mouse, and while you don’t need to buy both, we highly recommend it. It is a colorful mouse, with a light weight and rounded edges that make it comfortable. At its base there are rubber bands that allow a smooth glide regardless of the surface, so you don’t need to use a mat.

In addition, you can also connect to up to three paired devices at the same time. As with the keyboard, the Logitech app gives us various customization options such as pointer speed, enabling or disabling smooth scrolling, and reversing the direction of the scroll wheel.

Price and availability

The Logitech Pop Keys keyboard and Pop Mouse are available in three colors and can be purchased from Logitech’s website or with authorized sellers. The price of the keyboard is $99 dollars; of the mouse, from $39.99.

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