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Loki too: the antihero of the moment will come to Fortnite | Digital Trends Spanish

The Loki series is on everyone’s lips after its premiere on Disney Plus and of course, Fortnite he was not going to be left out of the party. Yes, this means that the character will make an appearance in the game, just like other superheroes before.

Loki will be a playable character within Fortnite from next June 30, although to be able to use it the mechanics will be a little different from what has happened before. This is because the character will be available exclusively within the Fortnite Club (in English, Fortnite Crew), which is an existing subscription service within the game.

Most probably have no idea about the Fortnite Club, so a simple explanation is very valid: it is a subscription that costs around $ 11 dollars and allows access to exclusive items that are not available to users outside the club . Every month there are content packs for members, from turkeys to early access to Battle Passes.

Therefore, the only way to access Loki in Fortnite It will be by signing up for the Fortnite Club. Along with the character, users will receive, in addition to the suit, the following accessories: Loki’s cape, Loki’s scepter, a Chitauri delta wing, and a special loading screen, obviously related to the Marvel character.

There is no doubt that this scheme of adding well-known characters is working well not only for Fortnite, but for the companies that put their characters in the game. Fortnite Today it is more than a video game: it is a platform that transcends the medium as such and it is not for nothing that concerts of popular artists have been held or films have been shown.

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