Thursday, October 28

London’s’ULEZ’ clean air zone expands from 25 October and motorists with older vehicles may now be charged £12.50/day-here’s how to check

You could also consider selling your car to avoid paying charges

Another alternative if you have a vehicle that does not meet emissions requirements is to sell it-and now could be a good time to do so as prices for used cars are at an all-time high, according to data from Auto Trader.

The car buying and selling site says the average price of a used petrol car has increased by 17% in the year to August 2021, while the average price of a used diesel car has increased by 19% over the same period. Average asking prices for petrol and diesel vehicles were £13,988 and £15,396 respectively this August.

If you sell your car, you must first ensure you have updated your log book if:

  • Your name or address has changed since you purchased the car.
  • You’ve made changes to the car since purchase.

According to, you must also tell the DVLA that you have sold your car and give it the buyer’s name. You are legally responsible for your car until the DVLA knows about the change. There are several ways to sell your car:

  • At an auction.
  • Privately-by setting up your own ads and sorting out the exchange yourself.
  • Selling the car in parts.
  • Through a car dealer.
  • Using online car buying services.

Just ensure you do your research first and check whether there are any associated fees or costs involved or whether third parties will take a slice of your sale, and if so, how much.

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