Thursday, January 27

Long-awaited Harley Quinn animated series tops HBO Max series for December

It has been two years since this series started within the framework of the ill-fated DC Universe platform, and it remained unpublished in Spain until now, when HBO Max incorporated it into its offer. With completely adult content (that is, good of swearing and gore), The series tells of the misadventures of Harley Quinn after breaking up with the Joker and becoming intimate with Poison Ivy. But Gotham is full of quirky characters that will cross your path.

Kaley Coco, from ‘Big Bang Theory’, voices the antiheroine in her original version, and we can expect a good helping of cameos from the bat-verse supporting staff. So far, the series has raised fiery praise for its festive nature and for perfectly channeling the character’s chaotic and unpredictable spirit, and a third season is already in the works. The first two seasons will arrive on HBO Max Spain on December 17.

More news for December on HBO Max

They are not all the series that HBO Max will premiere in Spain next December. The long-awaited landing (still without a specific date) of ‘The West Wing of the White House’ in its entirety is joined by series such as the second season of the Norwegian sci-fi thriller ‘Beforeigners (The Visitors)’, where the possibility is raised that Jack the Ripper is one of the travelers from the past to the present. Or HBO Max’s original limited series ‘Season Eleven’, in which survivors of a devastating flu attempt to rebuild civilization.

This is the list of tAll HBO series premiere in December.

  • ‘Acoustic Home’ (5/12)
  • ‘Beforeigners (The Visitors)’ S2 (8/12)
  • ‘Landscapers’ (9/12)
  • ‘And Just Like That’ (15/12)
  • ‘Harley Quinn’ T1-2 (17/12)
  • ‘Station Eleven’ (12/30)
  • ‘Legendary’ T2 (30/12)
  • ‘Hacks’
  • ‘The West Wing of the White House’ T1-7

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