Friday, December 3

Long live weird keyboards: TiPy and why write with two hands when you can do it with just one

The keyboard is a whole underworld, and these peripherals that go unnoticed by many are a source of philias and phobias on the part of many others. There are creations of all kinds, and TiPy is certainly one of the most surprising in recent times.

This keyboard is absolutely different from what we have seen in the past, and it is fully designed for you to write with one hand —There’s a surprise here, because it works for right and left-handers — and you even operate the keyboard with a small optical trackpoint.

From QWERTY, nothing

This unique keyboard stands out in the first place for being used with one hand, but it is also not one keyboard, but two. Its design features a right-handed layout on one side, and a symmetrical left-handed layout on the other.

Are They are therefore two sides of the same coin that we can use by changing the position of the wrist rest, from which one or the other keyboard will be activated: the one below is automatically deactivated when below.

TiPy supports 12 languages —Among them, Spanish—, something that is possible thanks to the fact that several keys bring together several of the special characters of each language and are activated when we select the one we are going to use. Connects to computer via Bluetooth. Recharging its internal battery is done through a USB-C port.

That keyboard has a very different layout than QWERTY keyboards, and includes a numeric keyboard in its central part. It’s funny how —for right-handed people— keys like “Enter” or the space bar are on the left side of the keyboard, something logical if we take into account that when using that hand they are easily within reach of the thumb.

The same happens with the little trackpoint which also allows you to control the pointer on any computer, and which is flanked by two mouse buttons “L” and “R” and some buttons to scroll.

The creators of TiPy are clear that to use TiPy you have to overcome its learning curve, and precisely for this they offer ‘TiPy Trainer’, a set of exercises that allow you to learn to use all the functions of this unique peripheral.

TiPy is a project that has been in development for four years and is already on sale on the product’s official website. Its price is 250 euros, and although it is available to reserve it, it seems that the pandemic has caused that there may be delays in the distribution of the product.

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