Monday, May 16

López del Hierro declares that he and Cospedal proposed “specific jobs” to Villarejo as a form of courtesy

The businessman Ignacio López del Hierro declared this morning at the National Court that his proposal to Commissioner Villarejo to do “specific jobs”, in the presence of his wife, María Dolores de Cospedal, was a formula of “courtesy”, they inform elDiario .es sources present in the declaration.

López del Hierro has declared Luis Bárcenas as accused of espionage and has made this statement during a question from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office about the meeting that he and the general secretary of the PP in 2009 kept secret with the police about the Gürtel case that besieged the party.

López del Hierro, in a locked statement in which he continually claimed that he did not listen to the prosecutor’s questions due to hearing problems, has assured that the Gürtel case with Villarejo as the one who would speak today of the “pardons” to those convicted in the trial of the procés , because it is a current issue.