Monday, November 28

López Miras announces the elimination of the wealth tax in the Region of Murcia in 2023

The president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, announced on Wednesday the suppression of the wealth tax in the Region of Murcia in 2023. During the congress of business executives ‘CEO Congress 2022’, the head of the Murcian Executive crossed out the tax of “anachronistic” because “it favors fiscal relocation”. 4,454 taxpayers in the Region who declare an average of 3.6 million euros in personal assets will benefit from this elimination, according to the latest data from the Tax Agency.

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López Miras has emulated the presidents of Madrid and Andalusia with the suppression of this tax several weeks after the Legal Services of the Murcian Parliament withdrew as unconstitutional the Fiscal Autonomy Law that was intended to shield the tax benefits of the Region.

“We cannot be condemned to raise or maintain taxes with the justification that we are the worst financed community. Precisely this should be the reason why the regional financing system is now reformed and the region is stopped being mistreated as it has been done since 2009”, stated the Murcian president.

In addition, the head of the Murcian Executive also pointed out during the congress of business executives that in the draft Community Budget for 2023 that will be approved in the coming days by the Governing Council “we will not raise any regional tax.”

To the elimination of the Heritage tax, the deflation of the regional section of personal income tax for incomes of less than 60,000 euros will be added to the accounts for next year, “which will help sustain consumption,” said López Miras. Likewise, “we will continue to advance in the reduction of the rates of that regional section of personal income tax, in accordance with the calendar that we set in 2018”.

In order to maintain this policy of lowering taxes, the head of the regional Executive promised that “we will fight with all the legal means at our disposal so that the fiscal autonomy recognized by our legal system is not circumvented.” Among the tax measures that the Community wants to preserve is “exemption up to the third degree of Inheritance and Donations tax”, in which the Region of Murcia has been a pioneer.

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