Sunday, December 5

López Miras appears in the Murcian Parliament after six months without submitting to the examination of the opposition

The president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, will defend this Wednesday the work of his Government in the regional parliament. The spokespersons of the parties present in the Assembly, the Popular Party, PSOE, Vox, Ciudadanos and the Mixed Group (made up of Podemos and the two oranges loyal to Inés Arrimadas), will oversee the activity of the regional Executive of the last six months. An appearance that already accumulates criticism before beginning with the silence of López Miras in the last half year, with the exception of the debate on the State of the Region held last June. Since April 21, the president has not submitted to questions from the opposition, weeks after bursting the motion of censure planned by socialists and Cs against the PP government.

In this way, the agreement of the Assembly’s Board of Spokespersons is being breached, which established two monthly plenary sessions of control to the regional government, and that in one of them the parliamentary groups will also ask López Miras questions. “That is their conception of democracy, they have an allergy to accountability. We have dozens of requests for appearances from councilors to ask questions as the majority group that we are and all of them are rejected. Like the six that we have made to the councilor of Environment to see the issue of the Mar Menor or that of the members of the vaccine investigation commission, “says Diego Conesa, parliamentary spokesman for the PSOE in the regional Parliament.

The reconfiguration of the Murcian Executive ended up decanting all power into the hands of the popular, with the support of the orange turncoats and the three expelled from Vox. A provision of the political map that grants him a virtual absolute majority – in the absence of a seat for a fourth defector deputy – and gives López Miras a wide sleeve to act freely and without the pressure of having to seek support to carry out his political agenda .

López Miras faces the balance of his management of the pandemic at the regional level days after allowing the use of the bar in the bars with seated customers, the dance floors in the discos but with a mask, and abolishing the time limits. Only the maximum capacity of 75% is maintained, and the Murcian justice has pending to resolve if the COVID passport for nightlife is introduced. A total of 88.06% of Murcian over twelve years of age have the complete pattern. During the day yesterday, the Murcian Health Service registered only 67 new positives, a figure that has been maintained in recent weeks.

The popular government continues to manage the crisis of the Mar Menor and its agonizing state. The last wave of dead fish due to lack of oxygen activated all institutional mechanisms – both regional and national. After a forward flight, López Miras, who claimed to have his hands tied, banned some fertilizers used around the salty lagoon. He also met with the Minister for the Ecological Transition, with whom he dramatized a meeting to rescue the Mar Menor. Last Friday, October 15, he announced the expropriation of 310 hectares of the El Carmolí wetland, to “re-naturalize” the surroundings of the lagoon, yes, with proposals from the “citizens” through an ideas contest. An extension criticized by other political forces such as Podemos, who recalled the 8,500 hectares of illegal irrigation that surround the Mar Menor.

Know what the Government does with the Mar Menor

“During the pandemic López Miras practically did not face the Assembly and we reproached him on several occasions. We have also asked him since the summer to come and give explanations to the Assembly of the Mar Menor and he did not want to know. what is the Murcian president doing in the face of an issue as serious as this one, “says the spokeswoman for Podemos in the Region, María Marín. “But if before it was very difficult” for the Murcian president to submit to a control session of the Chamber, adds Marín, “since we have an illegitimate government that has not left the polls, we have not been able to order anything in the Board of Spokespersons because the deputies of the PP plus those who have been bought from Vox and Ciudadanos act as a shield so that no other initiative comes forward. So we have been six months. ”

“Here we see again the problem that there is no separation of powers between the Executive and the Legislative. The commissions are not convened. With that majority bought they can justify absolutely everything: they are three political groups at the service of the Popular Party – Vox, Cs and PP -. The Government does not give accounts to the opposition “, underlines the deputy of Ciudadanos Ana Martínez Vidal, former coordinator of the party in the Region.

One of the consequences of knocking down the motion of censure was the entry of the former Vox, Mabel Campuzano, as Minister of Education. A strike by school transport drivers for an attempt to reduce costs from the Ministry, led to a chaotic beginning of the school year, to which was added that Murcia is the only community without backup teachers due to the pandemic, which last year was 1,500 . It also aroused criticism among the educational community after proposing, at the beginning of the school year, the closure of classrooms in the future due to the decrease in enrollment due to the decrease in the birth rate. Campuzano jumped to the front line of the media days after assuming his new position, after assuring that he would not be vaccinated: “I do not question vaccines, I question this vaccine. I am not against the evolution of the species nor have I returned to Atapuerca, or anything like that “, ironized the counselor.

Despite the various open political fronts, the demoscopy places López Miras in a good position. The Murcian Center for Public Opinion Studies (Cemop) published its quarterly survey last June, the first after the motion of censure, and left the PP with an absolute majority seat. Asked about this motion, 59.5% of those surveyed saw their presentation “bad or very bad”, compared to 20.9% who saw it “good or very good”. In addition, 87.7% of Cs voters saw his presentation “bad or very bad”, in the same way that 34.9% of PSOE voters perceive it. The president is the best valued leader, with 5.50, with a slight decrease compared to the previous demoscopic score of 0.2 points. Throughout October, Cemop will reveal a new survey in which it will be possible to see how Murcians have perceived the management of recent months.