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López Obrador continues his crusade against Spanish symbols by replacing the statue of Columbus

Correspondent in Mexico City



Claudia Sheinbaum, governor of Mexico City, and the president’s favorite Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), took the opportunity just after Hispanic Day to announce that the emblematic Columbus monument will be replaced by a replica of a pre-Hispanic statue, called ‘The young woman from Amajac’, six meters high chosen from among 5000 indigenous women of the Mesoamerican country. The statue of Columbus had already been removed last year under the excuse of preserving the oldest historical complex in the entire Paseo de la Reforma, the equivalent of the Castellana Madrileña, in Mexico City.

The aim is to “claim the greatness of Mexico through its original cultures” to do “justice,” declared AMLO’s right hand man. The sculptural piece, whose original measures two meters, was discovered on January 1 of this year in Veracruz and was It is exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology. In the words of the leader, this location is intended to highlight the role of indigenous women who suffer 70% of poverty that reaches 80% in localities with less than 2,500 inhabitants.

To this has been added that the Government of Mexico continues its particular crusade with the substitution or change of any symbol remember the Discovery of America or the Spanish Conquest that occurred five hundred years ago. On October 12, Hispanic Day, known in Mexico as Columbus Day, has been renamed Day of the Pluricultural Nation in Mexico to, in the words of the Obrador administration: “Promote the multiethnic and multilingual wealth that characterizes Mexico.” Ignoring the history of historical figures, such as Basque of Quiroga, who defended the indigenous people, in this case those from Michoacán. The Spanish priest built the first hospitals on the continent and founded the College of San Nicolás, which was the cradle of independence.

The Salvadoran Government of Bukele It has also joined to eradicate the commemoration of Hispanidad “for offending indigenous peoples.” Labeling the anniversary of “slaughter.” Demonstrations have recently been added to this Mexican current in the Primeval Cathedral of America, in Santo Domingo, to demand the removal of the monument to Admiral Columbus in the Dominican capital.

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