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López Obrador offers Castillo gasoline and vaccines to expand their alliances in Latin America

Correspondent in Mexico City



The approach of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to his Peruvian counterpart, Pedro Castillo, once again shows the love of the Mexican president for the American leaders of the extreme left. AMLO has always sought alliances further south of Mexico to escape the dominance of the United States and Canada, and now offers economic and political support to Peru to try to reduce what the Mexican president calls “conservative anger.” A definition that he uses to refer to political acronyms other than Morena – the presidential party – and that he uses very frequently from his stand in Las Mañaneras, his usual morning press conferences.

On this occasion, López Obrador used his daily intervention, lasting more than an hour, to ensure that there are preparations for a overthrow sponsored in Peru to get Castillo out of the way.

As a “dirty war from conservatism” he labeled this supposed attempt to depose the Peruvian president, whom López Obrador referred to in response to a question from a reporter from the Andean country.

As reported by AMLO, a week ago the Mexican Finance Minister, Rogelio Ramírez, together with a group of high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Foreign Relations, participated in a meeting in Peru in which it was agreed to provide the new country allied vaccines, oil and advice on the implementation of social programs. The Mexican president affirmed that these ‘presents’ were delivered at the request of Pedro Castillo: “I tell him that we are going to help them,” he said.

A type of shipments that are reminiscent of the freighters sent to the president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, to whom, like the Argentine Alberto Fernandez, considers himself a friend and has invited events in which he has been awarded a leading role. As in the case of Díaz-Canel and Fernández, López Obrador wanted to defend his new ally by touching two controversial contents. The first, inflation, which reached its highest level in Peru in a year, with a rise of 5.8%, and the pandemic, which has a staggering 202,076 deaths.

But AMLO came out in defense of his new alliance: “They are blaming everything on President Castillo, inflation and also deaths from the pandemic. It’s not his fault. He just came in, ”she said. In addition, he wanted to praise his figure, assuring that he is “a good man, he does not have a bad heart and he wants good for his country and especially for the poor.”

The president of Mexico is frequently accused by the opposition of militarizing his country, especially after a decree that shields two of his mega-works (the new airport and the Mayan Train), placing them in the hands of the Army. The Mexican president does not hesitate to offer his protection to Castillo “because there is information that there have been attacks, including against the military, so we are going to be pending,” he said.

In this sense, he compared the situation in Peru with that which, in his opinion, occurs in Cuba: «That is a kind of preparation for an overthrow, throwing the people on top of him, what they practice in other parts. It is what they have been doing with Cuba for a long time, they block so that the people get on top of their government and they do not care if they do not have food, do not have medicine, all for political and ideological interests, humanism they do aside”.

Accusation of the electoral body

Meanwhile, the immigration issue continues to be a hot topic in the country. A caravan of hundreds of immigrants without papers that have traveled through Mexico since October this Thursday managed to get the government to analyze different requests, including delivery of humanitarian visas, authorities and activists reported, reports Afp.

The immigrants, who arrived in Mexico City on Monday after starting their journey in the southern state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala, spoke with officials of the Interior Ministry, after some clashes with security forces during their journey. .

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