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López Obrador publishes a book, in which he takes stock – and propaganda – of his three years as president

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The Morena government, which won Mexico’s federal elections on July 1, 2018, embodied the victory in López Obrador just over three years ago agglutinating an overwhelming 53.20% of the votes Meanwhile, the past midterm elections meant a reduction of 60 deputies, removing the ubiquitous AMLO from the qualified majority necessary for his long-awaited constitutional reform and taking the bastion of Mexico City from the so-called fourth transformation.

The fronts to its policy are found in institutions such as the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power, which acts as a counterweight. Or the resignation of the extension of the mandate of the president of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, a body to which Obrador came to point out its “decomposition.” The popular consultation that he promoted against five former presidents to be judged only reached 7% of the electorate, although he won with a resounding 98%, it fell far short of the 40% necessary to be binding. Last weekend, in Chiapas, hundreds of teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers cut off the president’s SUV on two occasions, which ended up preventing him from attending ‘La Mañanera’. Or, as the ‘Washington Post’ relates, the general shortage of medicines that exceeds 40% and greatly affects the parents of minor cancer patients.

Faced with these possible causes that could generate a decrease in leadership, the self-proclaimed “the most popular president in the world” translated the popularity figures of more than 60% into 34% support for the vote for Morena. A) Yes, the launch of his latest book “Halfway through the road” and the presentation of the so-called Third Report have coincided with days of difference, conforming a propaganda apparatus in his image and likeness that ties the story about the second part of a single -by law- six-year term in power.

Alaba a Trump

The ssecond published in his mandate, out of a total of 19 titles, augurs sales records such as his previous book ‘Towards a moral economy’, which with 40,000 unseated Harry Potter as the best-selling e-book. His new publication recommends it to his opponents to whom he dedicates a quarter of the format: «The advertisers of the neoliberal period, in addition to the PhotoShop, the feigned laughter, the slicked-back hairstyle and the falseness in the image, always recommend running to the center, that is to say , seek to be well with everyone; Well, no, that’s a mistake: the noble office of politics demands authenticity and principles ”, this is how he reels off his political adversaries in a section called Los de arriba.

Also touches his relationship with Trump, which he describes as a gentleman, while his friendship defines it as “surprising.” According to AMLO, the then US president chanted the name of Mexico to praise its rejection of OPEC’s order to reduce its daily crude production. In addition, he stressed that both kept a “pact of silence” on the border wall and that the then US president released: “There is no press, now I will be able to talk about the wall!”, In the presence of Slim at the private dinner.

In the latest AMLO release the Ayotzinapa case is not named, in which 43 students disappeared, which last July concluded: “The investigation continues, we are going to know everything that happened and justice will be done.” In the summary of his three years in office, he points out that the decentralization of the federal government and this forced disappearance of Iguala in 2014 are, in his words, “the only two commitments he lacks.”

Other issues that were addressed in his report in the middle of his mandate were the historical record in remittances or the 13% increase in femicides, which is attributed to the fact that the despicable crime was not correctly classified in previous legislatures.

As stated by the protagonist, “for the good of all, the poor first” was the campaign slogan since its presentation to the Head of Government back in 2000, which it establishes as one of the strong points within the 327 pages which he titled, turning to Juarez: “With the people, everything, without the people, nothing.” For his explanation he uses the quote from Antonio Machado: “In Spain, there is no way to be a well-born person without loving the people.” The UN Mexico reports that the economic crisis sponsored by the pandemic has impacted both on family income and on the chances of recovery. “The perception of the effects on loss of income for Mexico is only compared with the situation in Venezuela,” the organization says.

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