Tuesday, February 27

Lopez’s Orwellian Mexico

López’s Mexico is the London that George Orwell presented in “1984″. It is the President who does the opposite of what he promised while announcing that he is delivering, the constant lie presented as truth, a history rewritten so that the past justifies the present.

Honesty is stealing. The stairs are swept from top to bottom and the white handkerchief is removed. Meanwhile, the children do business, the brothers carry envelopes with cash, the sister-in-law loots Macuspana and the cousin receives contracts from Pemex. The corruption of the past is condemned while the President finds previously unknown inheritances and his officials discover more properties than the nopal.

Austerity is waste. Trusts are destroyed, programs canceled and pay cuts to fund white elephants. The Tabascan is desperate for funds, waiting for taxes on the sale of Banamex, claiming remnants from the Bank of Mexico, squeezing companies with the SAT, all to sink those resources into Pemex, the refineries, the useless airport and the disastrous Mayan Train.

Health is disease. Without medicine, especially for children with cancer, with collapsed clinics and hospitals, with health institutes without a budget. This is how the new Mexican health system is, like Denmark’s, with everything free, especially what isn’t there.

Peace is war, Military is civil. Violence is reduced by embracing criminal mafias, while the army is involved in everything except fighting them. The government is the most civil in history because it gives everything possible to the military.

Wealth is poverty. It is good to be poor, because it shows honesty and dignity. No middle class aspirations that seek to have more than one pair of shoes. He who is rich is because he previously exploited, abused and stole. The poor have spiritual wealth.

Transparency is opacity. It is the most open government in history, the one that puts itself under the spotlight every morning. Also the one that reserves information on contracts and accidents for years, that systematically attacks the National Institute of Access to Information and that assigns countless contracts at its discretion and without contests.

Democracy is authoritarianism. Democracy arrived after the dark neoliberal era, the President who finally allows freedom of expression without obstacles, and who is now abused to attack him like no one since Francisco I. Madero. The one who swears that he will not be re-elected, even if he cannot, and demands that he be ratified even if it is not necessary. The democrat who subordinates Congress and destroys institutions. The INE should disappear because it is very expensive.

Education is ignorance. The basic education delivered to the CNTE while 100 universities are being built that will be factories of titles. The public and private institutions of academic excellence, CIDE, UNAM, ITAM, ITESM, attacked by neoliberals. Those who study abroad return having learned to steal.

Governing is improvising. Because governing is no science. With the support of the people, Republican austerity and no stealing, and any program that is run on your knees will be better than anything done by those technocrats. There are Pemex, Dos Bocas, Santa Lucía, Sembrando Vida, “Hugs not bullets” and Young people building the future as examples. He never said that he was going to lower the price of gasoline, only that he was not going to raise it in real terms.

If they have data that says otherwise, López has other data.