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Lord of the Rings series leaves New Zealand | Digital Trends Spanish

The next series of The Lord of the rings Amazon will change locations for the future. After filming the first season in New Zealand, the production announced that they will move to the UK.

Through a statement, Amazon also announced that pre-production for the second season will begin in early 2022. And the reasons for this change are part of Amazon’s strategy to invest and scale up its studios throughout the UK.

In very politically correct words, the bosses of Amazon thank the government of the oceanic country for all the facilities granted for the production of the first season, which will continue in New Zealand until the close of post-production, in mid-2022.

Scene from The Lord of the Rings, the film adaptation of the JRR Tolkien saga. New Line / Digital Trends

But despite the above, it is already speculated that there are other reasons to change country. And one of them may have to do with New Zealand’s restrictions on COVID-19, which kept the production of the series on hold for quite some time and at the same time prevented many participants – both actors and people from the staff- they could return to their country of origin, with all that that implies.

On the other hand, there is a symbolic question regarding The Lord of the rings in audiovisual version and New Zealand that may be of importance to fans of the saga. And it is that the remembered films of Peter Jackson (and especially the first trilogy), represented Middle Earth in a very unique way and that was achieved in large part thanks to the New Zealand landscapes.

The Lord of the rings

Perhaps the change to the United Kingdom will not have much impact in visual terms, especially considering that the series is set two thousand years before what happened in both the 2001 trilogy and that of The Hobbit.

The series of The Lord of the rings (no definitive name yet) will debut on Amazon on September 2, 2022.

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