Wednesday, December 6

Los Guájares forest fire stabilized after burning 5,100 hectares

The counselor of Sustainability, Environment and Blue EconomyRamón Fernández-Pacheco, reported this Tuesday that the device against forest fires in the community of Andalusia, the Info Plan, has given this afternoon for “stabilized” the fire declared last Thursday in Los Guájares; which has devastated some 5,100 hectares of the mountains of that town and in the municipalities of Albuñuelas, El Valle, El Pinar and Vélez de Benaudalla.

The Los Guájares fire already affects 5,000 hectares and forces two municipalities to be confined overnight

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“After a sixth day of very intense work, those responsible for the Infoca consider the fire to be stabilized,” said the counselor in statements released by the Infoca, after a visit by Ramón Fernández-Pacheco to the device deployed to fight the flames .

Previously, the Board had deactivated level 1 of the Emergency Plan for Forest Fires in the province, which was activated this past Monday at the last minute, due to the good evolution of the fire due to the intense work of the troops and the help of the rain of the morning. In addition, the confinement of the districts of Ízbor and Acebuches, belonging to the municipality of El Pinar, was lifted.

The return of the fortnight of neighbors who remained evicted in prevention has also been authorized. These are nine residents in the Barranco de la Zaza area located in the municipality of El Pinar, plus another six people from a scattered El Pinar. The evacuees have not required at any time the use of the municipal pavilion and the House of Culture of Mondújar in Lecrín enabled as shelters, when spending the night in the houses of family and friends.

Rain helps firefighters

The Infoca Plan Extinction Directorate has indicated that the rain that fell in the area during the morning has served to counteract and alleviate the presence of “erratic” winds, especially in the area of ​​the Venta de la Cebada, which have made the tasks of extinction of this fire that has a perimeter of 62 kilometers and an estimated area of ​​5,000 hectares, and that now with the rainfall has made it possible to lower the intensity of the flames to be able to undertake its auction.

The Infoca media have also been joined in the personal device of the regional and provincial Civil Protection service of the Andalusian Government, the Andalusian Emergency Group (GREA), the Civil Guard and the Motril Traffic, Fire Department, the National Police Unit attached to the Community and Local Police.

Telephone 112 has managed, since the fire broke out shortly before two in the afternoon on the 8th, more than 400 calls from citizens due to this fire that has been visible from different parts of the province.