Tuesday, May 17

Los Maruxiños, a couple who left Vallecas to share their love for Galicia

Are you in love or in love with Galicia? Well, Alba and Pablo much more, that is why they acquired years ago the transfer of a position with the best Galician gourmet product in the Villa de Vallecas Market in Madrid. As they were not Galicians but, because of their love for the land, they wanted it, the clients nicknamed them Los Maruxiños and, finally, they chose to move to Galicia, from where they now send orders to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands through their store on-line Maruxinos VK.

If you enter the web, you will be tempted with products from small Galician wineries of the different Galician Denominations of Origin, Galician craft breweries and from some other communities of the national territory, as well as the most original and delicious preserves and Galician jams up to of albariño.

Although if you want to know much further, on your blog https://maruxinosvk.es, with which they began in early 2021, altruistically value the work of food stores, gourmets, bars, restaurants, etc. that they themselves are getting to know, above all, the province of Pontevedra, very useful information if you intend to go on vacation in the area, although they are expanding, so it is worth checking what they have. They even share their own recipes with local products!

Pure love of the artisan product

Its leitmotiv is to build a community of lovers of artisan products through the blog and the store, as well as to support other projects that, either by selling to the end customer, or by making artisan products, build their work ‘from the small’ and ‘the common’, with a daily effort that they consider important to make visible in order to foster an unbreakable bond between clients and small businesses. “That spirit always takes us back to what for us was our birth as“ Maruxiños ”: to Vallecas. And it is what little by little we would like to transmit ”, they explain.

Their objective, on the blog, is to gradually broaden the view within the Galician community in which they now live, but they also include some establishments on-line and physical premises of other autonomous communities. And in the online store, they prioritize, above all, the artisan product, of small production and respecting the effort and care that has been made for its preparation.

Although shipping costs are free from the minimum order of 10 euros in the peninsula, with costs to the Balearic Islands, the most convenient thing is to bet on their packs with unit discounts and gift baskets, which are customizable, because that way you can choose between all of them. their products.

But, in addition, they will be adding more packs with all the selection facilities to satisfy the demand, both for small orders, and for those who want to choose a good sample from their artisan pantry.

For example, in the preserves pack, you choose the ones that tempt you the most between sardine paté, spicy mackerel paté, cod paté with candied apple, white pickled mussels, fuet with raisins, sardines in olive oil, chouriciños albariño , La Curiosa pickled mussels, tuna crumbs, scallops in “scallop sauce”, tuna belly curry, pastrami, smoked mackerel, pulled pork in olive oil, sea urchin roe, smoked sardines or pineapple and cinnamon jams , of strawberries and mint, of melon and ginger or of albariño.

The wine packs allow you to choose between dozens of options according to the autochthonous varieties that you like the most or want to know. And the same with craft beers of different styles, from Blonde Ale to IPA.

On the other hand, to have a great personal detail, the gift baskets can carry several wines or beers with preserves to be divinely with first quality products from small producers and a packaging of the most pampered, with a design image of the most current.

And, above all, consider the possibility of joining the Maruxiñeiro Club, because they will complete the discounts of the packs with other special offers.