Friday, December 8

Los Tostivasos, the spicy snack that is served folksy and with a ‘topknot’

It’s already Friday and it smells of danger… On the weekend they anticipate gatherings that are enlivened with snacks, beers or cocktails.

But wait, because if we talk about snacks, we have to establish levels, and since for Mexicans the limit does not exist, we present you the latest trend in spicy appetizers that will surely make you salivate.

The Tostivasos, folksy delicacy of the gods

It is a business located in Tijuana. Here the snacks come with a first and last name for various reasons; one of them is the dimensions, but the most important is the mix that can be achieved in a single preparation.

Can you imagine mixing your favorite snacks in the same container? Well, in Tostivasos your wishes are orders.

Their menu ranges from simple options such as potatoes, peanuts and fried foods poured into a one-liter glass to colossal ‘trays’ of more than two liters with assorted snacks.

This monumental tostivaso is prepared in large containers that allow the mixture to be made. The items it carries are:

  • Potatoes (to choose, they can be natural, marinated, enchiladas or fire; you can also choose Takis)
  • Tostitos
  • japanese peanuts
  • Chopped jicama and cucumber
  • skinny
  • Chamoy
  • lots and lots of lemon
  • Chilito piquín
  • Clamato
  • More sauces to taste

Once all the ingredients are arranged in the container, the host vigorously mixes and serves in the respective container.

But there are even more specialties, such as the aguachile toast. That’s right, to the ‘basic’ mix of this peculiar snack you can add a juicy and delicious portion of aguachile raw shrimp with cooked clams, ideal for weekend afternoons.

It will depend on taste, but you can choose on a square tray or in a frosty glass with a lot of chamoy and sweet and sour chili powder.

Although the Tostivasos have their own premises, they have also undertaken private home delivery services at parties and meetings; here the craving knocks on your door.

Where: Josefina Rendon #362, Nueva Tijuana neighborhood, Garita de Otay, Tijuana