Sunday, July 3

Lost Chernobyl tapes come to light | Digital Trends Spanish

Many visions have been told of the terrible story about the tragedy of Chernobylbut perhaps the crudest is the one that will show never-before-seen images of the work at the nuclear plant that HBO Max has been bringing since June 22.

Is about Chernobyl: The Lost Tapesa documentary that shows unpublished records of the recovery work after the explosion, as well as tapes about daily life in the city that today belongs to Ukraine and the consequences left to the population and children.

In the long-lost tapes, witness testimony offers a glimpse of life in Chernobyl before the disaster and shows how it was forever transformed after the accident. “Everything was documented,” says one of the witnesses in the trailer, but many of the details of the explosion and potential dangers were obscured by Soviet officials, who sent in soldiers to “liquidate” the damage and help cover up the incident, they said. HBO representatives in a statement.

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