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Lucid Releases Huge Range Figures For Its Air Sedan | Digital Trends Spanish

Lucid Group surprised the automotive world with the official autonomy figures of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for its acronym in English, for its luxury sedan Lucid Air. Figures certified by the EPA place Air, which will begin shipping later this year, well ahead of its competitors.

The results are surprising, with the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range with 19-inch wheels at the top of the line of six models with a range per charge of 520 miles (832 km), becoming the first electric vehicle in the history of the category to reach, and surpass, the not-so-mythical barrier of the 500 miles (800 km)

This puts the range of the Air Dream Edition Range 115 miles (184 km) over the range of the Tesla Model S Long Range, Tesla’s longest-range model, which currently has a range of 405 miles (652 km).

It is closely followed by the Lucid Air Grand Touring, also with 19-inch wheels, with 516 miles (826 km) of range, being the second and last of the models in the Lucid Air line to exceed 500 miles of range.

Lucid Air’s innovative 113 kWh capacity battery was developed in Formula-E races, forcing the manufacturer to reduce drag in the way the battery cells are interconnected, preventing power loss. by the heat generated, allowing to make the most of the stored energy. The Lucid Air battery is not only decisive for the enormous autonomy that the model offers, but it is also a leading part of its safety, since it is rigidly adhered to the lower part of the aluminum body of the vehicle, becoming an element key to its structural integrity.

Peter Rawlinson, president and founder of the Lucid Group said he was “delighted that our Lucid Air Dream Edition range has been officially accredited with a 520-mile range by the EPA, a number that I believe is a new record for any electric vehicle.” He added that “our race-proven 900V battery and BMS technology, our miniaturized powertrains, along with our Wunderbox technology give Lucid Air ultra-high efficiency, allowing it to travel more miles with less battery power. The next generation of electric vehicles has really arrived! “

The total autonomy figures for the entire Lucid Air line were as follows:

Model Power Rin Autonomy
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range 993 hp 19 ″ 520 miles (832 km)
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range 993 hp twenty-one” 481 miles (770 km)
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance 1,111 hp 19 ″ 471 miles (753 km)
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance 1,111 hp twenty-one” 451 miles (722 km)
Lucid Air Grand Touring 800 hp 19 ″ 516 miles (826 km)
Lucid Air Grand Touring 800 hp twenty-one” 469 miles (750 km)

Obviously the size of the wheels is inversely proportional to the reach of the model, but that is a luxury that Lucid can give itself when the six variants of the Lucid Air, including the Performance versions with 1,111 horsepower, not only comfortably exceed the range of the more Efficient from the Tesla, but they also rank in the top six for overall EPA electric vehicle range ratings. When Lucid decides and succeeds in bringing its battery technology to more affordable vehicles, the world of electric cars will change forever.

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