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Lucky Block Token Surpasses $100 Million in Cap Just 24 Hours After Launch

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Next, the team Lucky Block shares some details about its token launch LBlock, which obtained a very good commercial performance shortly after being officially released on the market through PancakeSwap.


London, United Kingdom. January 27 at 5:00 p.m.: the lottery platform Blockchain which began trading publicly on January 26,, It has already reached a market capitalization of USD $100 million and has more than 10,000 holders.

At 15:59 GMT, the price of the token LBlock reached USD $0.00100 per unit on the decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap. That represents a 566% gain for investors who bought during the first presale phase at a price of $0.00015, while buyers who took advantage of the second batch at about $0.00019 have a 426% gain.

The pre-sale ended early, such was the demand for the token that it raised in a few moments about USD $5.7 million from interested investors.

In addition to the fundamentals that support the project, the increase in the price of the token has also been reported in the market data service CoinGecko, where there is evidence of the volume of operations and the increase capitalized within 24 hours after its debut on the exchange.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to society, Lucky Block donated USD $5,000 in cryptocurrencies to the British Red Cross earlier this month.

In relation to the publication of data in CoinGecko, the head of the marketing area for Lucky Block, Darnell McWilliams commented:

“We got there within 24 hours, which suggests that CoinGecko really liked what they could see, which was very useful for us for an accelerated listing on CoinMarketCap – we submitted the request for that last week.”

On the possibility that the token LBlock listed on a centralized exchange, McWilliams commented:

“FTX will probably be the first CEX that the token will be in and again our launch going off without a hitch means it could be happening very soon, especially now that we are on CoinGecko.”

About Lucky Block

Lucky Block has been dubbed as “The People’s Lottery” due to the transparency and impartiality with which it operates. Charities will benefit from 10% of ticket sales revenue, players will get better odds than traditional gambling offers and uniquely pays a dividend for each draw to all token holders Lblock.

The launch of the mobile application for Lucky Block is scheduled for next March 21st, and the first Friday night draw will take place next March 25th.

Lucky Block it has already closed business deals with three UK pub chains, and is running a global advertising campaign on its official social media channels.

If you want more information about Lucky Block, LBlock and other aspects, you can visit the official site below:

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