Wednesday, May 18

Luis Medina Abascal, after his imputation by the mask commissions: “The Prosecutor’s Office, you know, they are all on the left”

Businessman Luis Medina Abascal is not worried after his indictment for the millionaire commissions he charged on mask contracts at the worst moment of the pandemic and, in addition, attributes the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to an ideological bias in the Public Ministry. “The Prosecutor’s Office, you know, are all on the left”, he said after hearing the judicial decision in statements to the LOC newspaper.

The judge imputes the commissioners of the Madrid masks and seizes their assets

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Court 47 in Madrid decided to open an investigation on Thursday into the sale of medical supplies to Medina and his partner, Alberto Luceño, who charged more than 6 million in commissions for that contract. The judge will summon them to testify after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor published a complaint against both, after an investigation uncovered by

The news explained how the two businessmen, in the first weeks of the pandemic, contacted the town hall, taking advantage of the contact that one of them had with a cousin of the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to offer medical supplies from China. In total, more than 11 million in contracts for masks, tests and gloves that hid 6 million dollars in commissions for businessmen.

Medina, however, says that he has not committed “any irregularity” in these transactions. “I am dedicated to international trade, with a friend I have obtained sanitary material for the Madrid City Council when it was most needed during the pandemic, I have a perfectly legal contract, I have charged for my management. There is no irregularity, “he says in statements to LOC.

It is then that he adds: “The Prosecutor’s Office, you know, they are all on the left and that is how they act. In this case, what they are looking for is if my partner and I pay a politician to get the contracts. There is nothing of that, I repeat that I am calm”. According to the newspaper, “Medina himself believes that he was deceived by Luceño”, since the latter received “more commission than they had agreed on” and gave him “false information” when he had to prove the payments to the bank.

The Prosecutor’s Office, which as revealed by has been investigating this case since the end of 2020, suspects that, once they had the money in their accounts, they began to launder it: between the two they spent more than four million dollars on luxury cars and watches, a house and even a yacht.

According to the details of the Public Ministry, Luceño received a total of 5.1 million dollars in commissions: three million came from a contract to buy FFP2 masks and the other two from the purchase of antigen tests. In addition, he hid part of these commissions from his partner. For his part, the son of the late Duke of Feria received a million dollars from the mask contract.

As Anticorruption has discovered, Luis Medina spent almost all the money he had received as a commission to get the City Council to pay for masks at the price of gold. In total 725,515 euros of the million dollars that he arrived from Malaysia to his bank account in Madrid. Of that money, a total of 325,515 euros from Madrid’s public coffers went to a yacht. The son of the late Duke of Feria bought an Eagle 44 which he baptized as “Fair”, an acquisition that LOC qualifies as a “sentimental whim”.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office also reflects the purchase of two bonds at a rate of 200,000 euros each. One of them called ‘Phoenix MSCI World‘, which according to Deutsche Bank provides quarterly profit coupons, and the other was ‘Global Dividend 10-50‘, which according to this same bank in the short term pays a coupon of 50% of the initial investment.