Wednesday, May 18

Luis Medina asks the judge to expel the City Council from the Masks case: “They complain about something they considered valid”

The representation of Luis Medina Abascal has asked the judge to expel the Madrid City Council from the Masks case, in which he is appearing as a private prosecution. The defendant’s defense considers that the Consistory is denouncing facts that at the time did not seem irregular at all. “Now they cannot come to complain about something that they considered valid and for which they did not file any type of claim,” collects the brief presented by Medina’s lawyer, to which has had access.

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The arguments of Medina’s defense coincide with those of the City Council, in the sense that he never had reason to report a scam. Now, once the complaint from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for this crime and two others is known, the Consistory has appeared as a private accusation, that is, as a victim of said scam, but continues to maintain that everything it bought from the Malaysian company, for which Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina interceded, are products that came into their hands.

“The truth and truth is that in terms of the masks there was no problem since they were all received, they were of the quality they expected and he even stated that the price seemed cheap to him, as the same type of masks were at 40 at that time. euros”, says the brief of the defense of Medina. It refers to Elena Collado’s statement before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, as a witness, where the municipal person in charge of purchases assures that they were paid on those dates at a price of up to 40 euros, so the 6.6 euros per unit to the City Council it seemed “a good price”.

As for the other contract investigated, that of the antibody tests, “the problem was that one of the batches had little reagent, but that liquid had already reached them and, to this day, I do not know that it did not work, since the City Council would have claimed it, “says Luis Medina’s lawyer.

There were three batches delivered by Luceño and Medina, of which only one had an acceptable reliability percentage. Luceño informed the City Council that the seller was not willing to return the money and added that the problem would be corrected with new reagents. Contrary to what Medina’s defense transfers, Anticorruption assures in its complaint from two weeks ago that “there is no evidence that new reagents have been sent to date or that the sensitivity defect of the tests has been corrected in another way.”

As for the gloves, the City Council requested a model (up to the elbow) and Luceño and Medina delivered others without prophylactic guarantees (they reached up to the wrist). Luceño agreed with Collado to return 4 million dollars for it, but what he did was actually eliminate his excessive commission and that the City Council pay for the real price of the gloves, despite not being the model that the Consistory had requested and that still thus, it was far from an appropriate price for the market (2 dollars compared to 8 cents for which they were sold in Madrid supermarkets).

In any case, Medina’s defense concludes: “Based on what has been reported, it cannot be accepted that the Madrid City Council is a private prosecution in a matter where it has agreed with the contracts under investigation, signing them, and at no time revoking or denouncing them, having shown according to what he has obtained from them”.

Lawyer Sonia Juárez also leaves a warning by recalling that the judicial investigation is in an initial phase, that the City Council is a signatory of the contracts under investigation and that, “in the event that the proceedings show that there has been any irregularity, the responsibility could fall on that institution, so it is not the right procedural moment to appear in person or have a party as a private accusation that, due to their participation in the contracts, may end up being investigated.”