Sunday, December 10

Luis Roldán dies, the former director of the Civil Guard convicted of looting public coffers

Luis Roldán, former director of the Civil Guard sentenced to more than three decades in prison for embezzling public money from the body he directed, has died in Zaragoza at the age of 78, according to the newspaper ‘Herald of Aragon‘. According to this newspaper, he died tonight at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in the Aragonese capital after several weeks in hospital.

The minister who escaped Roldán

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Luis Roldán (Zaragoza, 1943) was appointed director general of the Civil Guard in 1986 during the executive led by Felipe González and fled from Spain in 1994. By then he had already been dismissed and was accused of various tax crimes, forgery, fraud, bribery and embezzlement for his management of the body’s reserved funds. he was arrested 10 months after his escape in Thailand and finally sentenced by the Supreme Court to 31 years in prison, a sentence he served in 2010 when he left prison permanently.

The Supreme Court signed its final sentence in 1999. A sentence in which the judges added to the list of crimes of the Madrid Court that of falsehood in a commercial document. The judges declared firmly proven that Roldán and his partners hid funds from the reserved funds of the Civil Guard, as well as amounts paid by construction companies. In total, according to the investigators’ calculations, a hole of more than 1,700 million pesetas (more than 10 million euros) that ended up in the pockets of Roldán or those around him.

Luis Roldán, then the first civilian to take charge of the armed institute, disappeared from the map in 1994, when Judge Ana Ferrer was already investigating both him and his surroundings for the looting of the Civil Guard coffers that he directed. A case in which one of the prosecutors who promoted the accusation was Alejandro Luzón, current chief anti-corruption prosecutor.