Friday, July 1

Luis Salvador commits his support to the PSOE of Granada beyond the inauguration of the new mayor

What politics put together two years ago is already completely broken. Luis Salvador (Citizens) and the Popular Party, who ruled Granada together until June 8, have been separated forever. Taking into account that they are always and never adverbs of variable validity in the Plaza del Carmen, the disagreement between the two is so great that they want to trip each other to help the PSOE. Thus, with little effort, the new socialist mayor, Francisco Cuenca, seems to have the backing of Salvador and the PP in the remaining two years in office.

Citizens announce the expulsion of Luis Salvador for supporting the PSOE for mayor of Granada

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Luis Salvador was already blunt the same day he resigned and announced that for the investiture he would give his support to the PSOE for having been the most voted list in the 2019 elections. And he has not moved from the site. With Cuenca already as councilor, Salvador has reaffirmed himself in that sense and shows a total willingness to offer them the “loyalty” of his municipal group – which he and José Antonio Huertas make up. “I wish him the best because as mayor of Granada is to wish the best to the city,” he has come to say about Cuenca.

In that sense, Salvador assures that he does not want to repeat the errors that have weighed down his joint government with the PP and intends to flee from any confrontation. “If there is something that I would like to have erased, it was the excessive noise that had tried to maintain a political crisis that covered a lot the work that was being done. We are not going to do it because we understand that it is harmful,” he says.

The stability of the numbers

A few words that augur a relatively calm Government of the Socialists. Once the PSOE secures the support of United We Can-IU for the rest of the mandate (before the left coalition will have to negotiate it and consult it with its bases) Francisco Cuenca will have 13 guaranteed votes for each project. A figure that will leave him to only one of the absolute majority and that, if Luis Salvador’s promise is fulfilled, it will easily exceed the votes of the former mayor and José Antonio Huertas, the last remaining Cs councilor.

What is not clear is from which group both Salvador and Huertas will vote. If the threat of Citizens to kick them out for having allowed the PSOE of the “accused” Cuenca to govern is fulfilled, they should go to the group of non-attached councilors, which would be the third with more councilors after the 10 of the PSOE and the 6 of the Party Popular. There they would meet the three defectors who have turned Consistorial stability upside down. The former president of the PP, Sebastián Pérez, and the exediles of Cs, Lucía Garrido and Manuel Olivares, are loose verses between now and the 2023 elections, although it is assumed that they will be closer to the postulates of the popular than of the socialists.

Precisely, the Popular Party also wants to play its role in these remaining years of municipal government and it will do so by trying to make Luis Salvador irrelevant. The spokesman for the popular in Granada City Council, César Díaz, admits that there will be conversations with the PSOE and that “it will not be too difficult” for them to find “meeting points between two parties with a high level of vision.” “We are going to try that they do not have any dependency on Ciudadanos or Luis Salvador,” he adds.

Separate Luis Salvador

The objective, in addition to providing stability to the socialist mandate of Francisco Cuenca, is that Salvador ends up outside the Consistory. “The best thing for Granada is that Second-class politicians like him, who came to regenerate politics, but ended up using it for their personal interests, leave.” However, the popular discourse draws attention because there is a certain lack of coherence.

While César Díaz assures that they will be loyal to the PSOE so that they do not need Luis Salvador to carry out projects, they also attack the Socialists and the former mayor himself for having chosen Cuenca as alderman. “Luis Salvador has put in charge of the city of Granada a person who, described by himself, is a lazy and vindictive politician and more concerned with taking photos.”

In any case, the fact that Granada already has a new mayor does not mean that its troubles and internal fights end with the full inauguration. In what remains, the councilors of the PP, according to party sources, face their last years as councilors since it is expected that the formation will make a total cleaning of their lists for 2023. In addition, Citizens practically does not exist, so only Vox seems to have some stability to the right of the Granada board.

City council sources also assume that, despite the loyalty announced by the PP towards the PSOE, that the Junta de Andalucía is governed by popular and oranges will cause the battle scene to move from the Plaza del Carmen in Granada to San Telmo In sevilla. The Andalusian bipartisan Popular Party and Cs does not plan to make it easy for the new Government of Francisco Cuenca. The next few months will develop this story.