Saturday, September 25

Lula affirms that he never had so much desire to be president of Brazil as now: “I have no right to retire”

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who leads the voting intention polls for the next presidential elections to be held in the country in 2022, affirmed on Tuesday that he has never wanted so much to be president of Brazil as now. This, despite the fact that he has not yet formalized his candidacy.

“I am not a candidate yet. But I am in line. I am going to confess that I never had as much desire to be president as I have now with 75 years,” said the socialist leader through a message on his social networks. “I do not have the right to retire or to stand still or to carry hatred. And the PT (Workers Party) has the obligation to return (to power). Later we will define the candidacy,” said the former president, who left office in 2010 as the most charismatic ruler in the history of Brazil.

Lula has admitted his intention to contest the 2022 presidential elections since, in November 2019, he left the jail in which he served 580 days for two convictions for corruption, which the Supreme Court has annulled this year. This annulment has also meant that Lula, who had been politically disqualified, can return to politics.

Despite the fact that his co-religionists consider his candidacy as a fact, Lula has clarified that he will only accept the nomination in case he has conditions and the left forces ask him to lead a campaign to defeat the current president, the far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, his main political adversary, who aspires to be reelected.

The former president returned to address his possible candidacy after starting on Sunday a 10-day tour of six states in northeastern Brazil, the poorest region of the country and electoral stronghold of the PT, to meet with political and social leaders. “I thought that I had fulfilled the mission of my life when we managed to remove Brazil from the hunger map. I thought that my trajectory of struggle was over. And it was then that I learned one thing, that a human being who has a cause only stops fighting when dies, “said the ex-president about the resumption of his political activities.

“I really want to talk and make political alliances. I just do not renounce one thing: that the people be included in the budget. From now on we are never going to stop. We are going to travel through this country,” he said, referring to the conversations he has had with leaders of different parties to set up a broad coalition for next year’s elections.

In Recife, the largest city in the northeast and the first stop on his tour, Lula met with important leaders of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), a long-standing ally of the PT but one who has withdrawn in recent years due to the corruption scandals that plagued the city. progressive training. The socialist leader begins his tour of the northeast precisely at the moment when Bolsonaro is promoting a new program of distribution of subsidies for the poorest, which exceeds in values ​​and reaches Lula’s ‘Bolsa Familia’ and which will mainly favor the families of the region and may have a strong electoral effect.

According to the latest polls, if the October 2022 elections were today, Lula would win, with 46% of the votes, and Bolsonaro would be second, with 25%.