Sunday, September 19

Luxury and ostentation: the latest controversy of Luisito Comunica | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent times, controversies have been a constant in the work of the youtuber Luis Arturo Villar, better known as Luisito Comunica.

The latest controversy arose after the acquisition by the communicator of a luxurious house in Venezuela.

“It is not a lie, it is not a fallacy, this thing is completely true: I have bought a house in Venezuela,” said Villar, who has more than 37 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The problem is that not all his followers liked his new purchase, and many reminded him of the difficult economic situation the South American nation is going through.

Many also did not forgive him that it was pointed out that the transaction was made for a “small price” of $ 20,000.

“When I saw the prices at which properties are sold in Venezuela, I was very surprised,” he adds.

However, the communicator’s explanation did not leave his followers happy, who expressed their annoyance on social networks.

“Luisito Comunica bought a house in Venezuela on his second trip to the country, I have lived in Venezuela all my life and I have not been able to collect even a couple of socks,” said a user on Twitter.

In part of the record, Luisito Comunica seems to be aware of the controversy that his latest acquisition has caused.

“I know what many are thinking. Don’t you see the news? Don’t you know that this country is going through a very complicated situation? youtuber rhetorically.

The residence is located in the city of Lechería, in the state of Anzoátegui.

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