Tuesday, July 5

M2: this is the powerful chip that Apple presented | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple made official this Monday June 6 at the WWDC 2022its new and powerful chip M2which will replace M1 with this second generation kernel.

Those from Cupertino say that the CPU performance is 18% faster. Now you can get 50% more memory bandwidth than M1, with up to 24GB of total RAM. There are also now 10 GPU cores in total, with up to 35% better graphics performance than M1.

M2 is built on the same five nanometer process as M1.

Additionally, Apple says the M2 chip can compete with high-end notebook PC chips at a fraction of the power, delivering 90% of the performance of a 12-core Intel CPU at a quarter of the power.

For the specs, the new processor comes with up to eight cores, 10 graphics cores, and a whopping 24GB unified memory. To allow for more power, the chip is capable of 50% more bandwidth than the M1 to feed more data through the chip.

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