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Macabre flight: plane crosses electrical storm | Digital Trends Spanish

A flight that they will surely never forget was experienced by passengers of a LATAM plane that was moving from Santiago de Chile to Asunción del Paraguay, after crossing a electric stormwhich caused serious damage to the front of the plane and the monumental scare of all.

“My God, please, Holy God!” exclaimed some people who recorded the strong turbulence.

According to Latam in a statement, “both passengers and crew are in good conditions«. Images of the plane, after landing, show that its nose was destroyed.

🔸 Horror Flight

🔸 A plane that departed from Santiago, Chile, heading for Asunción suffered the storm in the middle of the trip and left damage to the aircraft.

👉🏼 Passenger videos speak for themselves.#AM1080 📻

— Monumental AM 1080 (@AM_1080) October 27, 2022

“We panic, the pilot tells us that we are preparing for a forced landing. I heard that with my daughter, alone. We prepare for impact position. My daughter was the most vulnerable. My seatbelt was unfastened and I called for help.«Recalled the Paraguayan model Paul Thomen to Radio Monumental de Asunción, which maintains that the storm broke out in Foz de Iguazú.

Latam flight 1325 covered the Santiago de Chile – Asunción route, and was diverted to Foz de Iguazú due to storms affecting Asunción. ➡️

— GaboAir (@gaboair) October 27, 2022

“Everyone was screaming. There were people who needed medical assistance, oxygen. (…) With all the anguish I said goodbye to my daughter, telling her that she loved and adored her », said Thomen.

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