Tuesday, September 26

Macarena Olona delivers her minutes and makes her resignation from the Andalusian Parliament effective

The spokeswoman for the Vox Parliamentary Group in Andalusia, Macarena Olona, ​​has resigned this Wednesday from her Andalusian deputy act, after communicating last Friday the decision to abandon her positions in the regional Parliament and in the party for health reasons.

The Vox candidate for the Board has appeared first thing in the morning at the Autonomous Chamber, where she has signed in the presence of the president, Jesús Aguirre, her resignation from the act of deputy, which ends her fleeting career as a deputy for Granada and parliamentary spokesperson, parliamentary sources have indicated to EFE.

The resignation will be effective as of tomorrow, Thursday, which will allow Vox in Andalusia (14 deputies) to be able to appoint a new parliamentary spokesperson when the national leadership agrees on who will be his replacement for the current mandate.

Some sources suggest that the national leadership is considering Rodrigo Alonso, president of the group in the Andalusian Parliament, or one of the deputy spokespersons as possible replacements for Olona: Manuel Gavira, deputy for Cádiz, and Javier Cortés, parliamentarian for Seville.

Olona’s march is the fourth in which Vox has had to renew its parliamentary spokesperson since 2020, and the resignation of her act as deputy occurs five days after she informed her party that she was ending her political stage for medical reasons. .

In May of this year, and after being named head of the list for the formation of the Junta de Andalucía, she resigned her seat in Congress to dedicate herself exclusively to the Andalusian campaign, where she obtained almost 500,000 votes in the elections, an increase of 25% of the support in the region and 14 autonomous deputies, two more than in the previous elections.