Saturday, February 24

Macarena Olona offers to defend one of the UPN turncoats and then deletes the tweet

The general secretary of Vox in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​has offered the UPN deputy Sergio Sayas her “legal pen” in the “fight” that he intends to carry out to maintain his act as deputy of the Navarre formation after he vote “no” to the labor reform, against what his party had decided.

“My legal pen is at your entire disposal, my friend. You just have to give me a little whistle,” Olona wrote this Saturday in a message on his Twitter profile, citing a tweet from Sayas.

Along with the hashtag “#Fuerzayhonor”, Olona has cited a publication in which Sayas has claimed his militancy “in freedom and dignity” and has assured that he will fight “to do it in UPN”.

Two messages have been shared after the celebration this Saturday of the Political Council of UPN in an extraordinary session in which it has been agreed, with 80.62% of the favorable votes, to ratify the agreement adopted by the Executive Committee by which it asked Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero the delivery of their acts of deputies in Congress or, otherwise, initiate the procedure for their expulsion from the party.

This is a resolution that was adopted on Friday after Sayas and Adanero voted ‘no’ to the validation of the labor reform, contravening the guidelines of the party leadership, which has criticized the “seriousness” of the attitude of the deputies for his lack of discipline”, “concealment” of his vote and the “damage of incalculable consequences and repercussion” that it entails for the party and its leaders.

In the event that the committee of guarantees and discipline decides in the next few days to expel Sayas and Adanero from the party, UPN will remain without representation in Congress for the first time since 1979, while two deputies will continue in the Mixed Group as independents by refusing to submit their records.

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