Saturday, May 28

Macri is charged with illicit enrichment




Bad news for Mauricio Macri. The former president of Argentina, visiting Madrid, was charged with a crime of alleged illicit enrichment. The federal prosecutor Ramiro González considers that he deliberately did not declare his true assets when he arrived at the Casa Rosada.

Macri, as he did in his day Sebastian Piñera in Chile, the administration of its companies was transferred to a “Blind Administration Trust”, to avoid accusations of interest trafficking or suspicions about the transparency of its management. The effects of this decision, in its bulky heritage, is what the prosecutor questions after receiving the complaint from the Anti-Corruption Office.

The suspicions are directed to the presumed real participation of the former president in the Agropecuaria Guayquiraró firm. The prosecutor suspects that his shareholding package was higher than declared. Likewise, he considers that, from this company -and others- transactions were carried out for his benefit, of which he could not be a stranger. Consequently, Mauricio Macri could have Evade taxes and carry out money laundering operations.

Alerted by the complaint from the Anti-Corruption Office, the General Inspectorate of Justice requested a couple of months ago that declare null that contract that the former president signed with the Blind Trust and for which, theoretically, it was impossible for him to know the destination or participate in the movements of his investments.

In the opinion of this body, in that contract, signed in April 2016, only one 53 percent of your total assets. According to the text of the report, the assets declared there, “did not constitute, not even remotely, the totality of its patrimony.” The penalties for illicit enrichment and money laundering in Argentina can be between 15 days and 2 years in prison, in addition to perpetual disqualification.

Unlike the current vice president and multiprocessor, Cristina Fernandez, Mauricio Macri does not enjoy immunity by not exercising any public office. The former president is in Madrid to present his book, ‘Primer tiempo’, a review of his experience in the Presidency of Argentina between December 2015 and 2019.

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