Wednesday, October 27

Macron and Biden agree to a summit in Europe to smooth things over the submarine crisis




Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden published on Wednesday afternoon a joint statement aimed at diluting the serious bilateral and transatlantic crisis that erupted after the signing of the agreement signed by the US, the United Kingdom and Australia, the Aukus pact (acronym for Australia, United Kingdom, United States ), “To share advanced technology in strategic areas”, canceling, by Australia, a contract to purchase submarines for an amount of 56,000 million euros.

The communiqué, voluntarily elliptical, begins by underlining that holding “open consultations would have made it possible to avoid the crisis.” The French president and the American president “promise” to carry out, later, “systematic consultations” between allies, insisting that Paris and washington they are engaged in the common fight against terrorism in the African Sahel.

Following the Macron-Biden dialogue, the French ambassadors to the US and Australia will return to their embassies in Washington and Canberra.

Personal dialogue, by telephone, has made it possible to limit and avoid the aggravation of the crisis. Without giving a concrete response to the great transatlantic challenges that France had, has and will continue to have on its national diplomatic agenda.


In his day, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, described the Aukus agreement (acronym for Australia, United Kingdom, United States) as a “stab in the back”. Macron and Biden have not wanted to report on the possible specific “explanations” and “compensations”, after the breakdown of a major strategic and multi-million dollar contract.

Beyond the “clarification” of the crisis, in the short term, France continues to insist on the substantive issues that affect the very matrix of transatlantic relations, which an official Macron spokesperson has summarized as follows:

«The conditions of the American commitment with its European allies must be clarified. It is necessary to confirm a full recognition, on the part of our American allies, of the need to reinforce European sovereignty. It is necessary to confirm the full recognition of the importance of the growing commitment of Europeans in their defense and security.

Following diplomatic rhetoric, France continues to call for the full affirmation of the strategic sovereignty of Europe, the European military pillar of the Atlantic Alliance and its military organization, NATO.

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