Friday, July 30

Macron, at the crossroads, addresses the nation today to try to clear up doubts about the future of France

Correspondent in Paris



Emmanuel Macron will deliver a solemn speech tonight, broadcast by all radio and TV networks, to try to clarify and clear up health, economic, social and political doubts that mortgage the future of France ten months before the next presidential election, the matrix of the national political system.

Macron was elected president, in 2017, with the draft of “Reform France to re-found Europe”. The great popular revolt of the «yellow vests», between 2018 and 2019, followed by the great health crisis of Covid-19, paralyzed the major reform projects; and the re-founding of Europe is very far away. The government and the presidential party doubt and are at odds over the opportunity to relaunch the pending reforms, running threatening risks. Macron should clear up tonight, starting at 8 p.m.

Macron was elected president with the ambition of cleaning up the state’s accounts, eliminating tens of thousands of civil servants’ positions, whose payroll, very burdensome, is the first bill of the national budgets. The pandemic has exacerbated deficits and public debt. Paris has become the capital of southern Europe, far removed from the budgetary rigor of Germany and northern Europe. The financial weekly ‘The Economist’ ironically wonders if Macron has not gone from being a “liberal French” hope to a “socialist” president: “more state, more debts, more deficits.”

The disturbing evolution of the health crisis, with threatening outbreaks of new variants of the Covid-19, calls for emergency measures of unpredictable scope: public opinion expects a clear response, in the face of particular and individual behaviors and risks. Will there be new lockdowns? When will we get out of the crisis? Emmanuel Macron should answer these and other questions tonight, which have an obvious national and European political scope.

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