Thursday, February 2

Macron in New Year’s Eve address: 2022 could be the end of the pandemic

PARIS (dpa-AFX) – In his New Year’s Eve address, French President Emmanuel Macron swore his compatriots to further hardships in the corona pandemic, but at the same time also struck optimistic tones. “The coming weeks will be difficult, we all know that,” said Macron in the speech broadcast on Friday evening. “The virus is circulating and is going to circulate even more.”

Many activities in everyday life are being canceled again because of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, and economic cuts will again be expected in various industries. “But unlike at the same time last year when the restrictions were much tighter, we now have the weapon of vaccination,” Macron said. He is “decidedly optimistic” about the future. 2022 could be the year of the end of the pandemic, “I want to believe that with you”. He again appealed to the unvaccinated in the country to get vaccinated after all.

Otherwise, the year 2022 will be a decisive one for France, said the head of state – also because of the upcoming presidential elections in the country. Once again, Macron did not clearly admit to running for another term as president. In France, however, this is only a matter of time. “Whatever my role, I will continue to serve you and nothing will alienate my heart from France,” said Macron./vio/DP/he