Saturday, May 28

Macron, in the face of doubt and the risk of his pending “revolution”

Correspondent in Paris



The future of France, with many ramifications for the European Union (EU), has been mortgaged to the doubts of Emmanuel Macron Faced with this flammable question: “Should I or should I not relaunch the great promised reform of the national pension system, which I presented as the matrix of a” reformist revolution “for France?”

Between late 2016 and spring 2017, Emmanuel Macron summed up his ambitious personal political project, presidential, with a single word, “Revolution”, the title of the book that was the matrix of his electoral program: “profoundly reform France, to re-found Europe.”

The top of the pyramid of such an ambitious project was the draft law that should reform the national pension system, confirming the abolition of 42 special regimes