Saturday, April 1

Macron justifies the distance in the meeting with Putin in which he did not want to have a Russian PCR

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, did not want to undergo the PCR test requested by the Kremlin before his summit with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for which a great distance was imposed between the two to avoid possible contagion. According to two sources close to President Macron told the Reuters agency, he avoided undergoing the test so that the Russians “would not have the DNA” of the president in their hands.

Elysee sources have indicated that “the protocol conditions that would have allowed a meeting with the two heads of state with a smaller distance (…) were neither acceptable nor compatible with the agenda problems” of the French leader. The images of the huge table where they held the meeting drew attention, although it was the same one where Putin has received other leaders.

However, French sources have refused to confirm to EFE if, as Reuters indicates, Macron’s refusal responds to his desire that Russia not have his DNA. Macron did undergo a French PCR test before leaving the country and an antigen test once in Russia, although carried out by his own doctor.

The meeting between Putin and Macron took place in the midst of a crisis over the situation in Ukraine and lasted five hours. For his part, the Russian president promised the French that he would not carry out new “military initiatives” near the border with Ukraine, as well as withdraw thousands of Russian soldiers from Belarusian territory once the joint maneuvers are completed.