Thursday, September 16

Macron launches his campaign against insecurity in Marseille

Correspondent in Paris



Emmanuel Macron launches this Wednesday the new national political course in Marseille (870,000 inhabitants), the second French city, the most insecure city in Europe, with exceptional murder and poverty rates, central themes of the next presidential campaign: “Security, mother of all battles.”

Accompanied by eight important ministers, Macron will use Marseille, the concave mirror of all the crises in France, to launch his personal presidential campaign on the issues that dominate and will dominate national public life during the presidential campaign that will culminate next spring. : chronic crime and insecurity, disintegrated or poorly integrated multiculturalism, chronic and growing poverty, unhealthy suburbs, deficits and debt mortgaging the economic and social future …

In Marseille, 200 to 300 murders are committed per year, violent reckoning between multicultural gangs is a chronic gangrene, more than 50% of the population lives in permanent precarious conditions, public transport is experiencing an acute crisis, neither the mayor’s office nor the PACA region (Provence Alps Côte d’Azur) have the financial resources necessary to save economically the second largest city in France. To a large extent, these municipal problems are a concave mirror of all the French crises.

Eight months after the first round of the next election Presidential, the institutional matrix of the French political model, Emmanuel Macron is preparing to “respond”, in his own way, to that string of crisis, to present various projects and try to combat that string of nefarious plagues.

In France, the word of the president, the head of state, has an absolute, normative authority. Macron has preferred to make his three-day visit to Marseille, accompanied by eight ministers. Question of method.

Gérald Darmanin, Interior Minister, former official spokesman for Nicolas Sarkozy, has set the political framework for Macron’s visit: “Security is the mother of all battles.” All is said. Municipal, regional and national security are a whole. And Macron places that problem at the heart of the new political course, when the great marathon race of the next presidential campaign begins.

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