Saturday, December 4

Macron promotes his electoral pre-campaign with a very optimistic speech to the nation




Emmanuel Macron accelerates without releasing the sanitary brake. In a message to the nation, broadcast live on all radio and TV networks, the president announced on Tuesday night the need to “work harder” and “make fundamental reforms” to reaffirm national cohesion and the position of France. on the international scene.

Two short months before the French presidency of the EU, six months before the presidential electionMacron made a very optimistic balance of the health, economic and social situation: the health policy has had good results, “but it is necessary to reaffirm the controls and the health certificate”; economic growth and job creation are “very positive, among the best in Europe” …

After the positive balance of his health and economic policy, Macron calls for “new efforts” … It will be necessary to resume the pending reform of the national pension system; more work will be needed; it will be necessary to build new nuclear power plants “to ensure our energy sovereignty”; It will be necessary to continue reforming, “ensuring the protection of the most fragile, ensuring the best insertion of young people in the world of work.”

On the national scene, the word work is the matrix of all macroeconomic projects: “work more to reform and consolidate in the State and solidarity.”

On the international scene, Macron presents the French presidency of the EU as a project of defense of European sovereignty in a turbulent world scene: “France must assume the European presidency in a context of great crises, in a context of the disturbing clash of the great powers, with evident risks of destabilization of many strategic areas”.

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