Wednesday, October 27

Macron to ask Biden for “explanations” this week about the Aukus deal

Correspondent in Paris



Emmanuel Macron will hold with Joe Biden a phone conversation this week to ask for an explanation. Meanwhile, the French Government continues to recall the lies, duplicity and treason at the highest level of the State in the USA, UK and Australia. Two long hours after Washington announced a phone conversation between Biden and Macron, Gabriel Attal, official Macron spokesperson, made this statement: “The President of the United States has asked to have a telephone conversation. This telephone exchange will take place in the next few days.

According to Attal, Macron will ask Biden “for clarification and explanations, in the face of a situation that looks a lot like a major breach of trust.” Attal maintains a prudent distance and reserve, which the rest of the official French Government spokesmen do not have, who respond to the Australian Government with implacable clinical precision.

Reply to Morrison

French diplomatic spokespersons particularly lash out at Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, after his penultimate statements, stating that Australia had transferred to France its “deep and serious reservations” about the contract for the purchase of French submarines, for an amount of 56,000 million euros.

Gérard Araud, former French ambassador to Washington, was the first to respond informally to Morrison, with a fierce irony: “On August 30, two weeks before the agreement signed between Washington, London and Canberra, their foreign affairs and defense ministers officially reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to that contract. Had they not been informed of the agreement? It is one of the main points that seems to confirm the lie, duplicity and concealment at the top of one or more States.

Confirming Araud’s ironic comment, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled at the same time the official statement, signed by the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Australia and France, on August 30, whose first point is written in terms very solemn: «The 2 + 2 Ministerial Conference on Foreign Affairs and Defense reflects the strength of the strategic relationship between France and Australia, and our common commitment to promoting an open and inclusive region, respecting the international order and common security ».

The second and third points of that Franco-Australian conference insisted on the strategic nature of the privileged relationship between Paris and Canberra, putting into practice the agreements signed by Macron and Morrison, on June 15, three short months before the Australian ‘betrayal’.

Following the latest statement by the Australian prime minister, the Elysee has once again broadcast his visit to Paris, in June, culminating with a solemn statement, shared with Macron.

Morrison’s duplicity and betrayal reaffirmedMacron will ask Biden for “explanations” that will allow “clarification” of positions, but will put the French diplomatic offensive on hold, insisting on the need to affirm and defend Europe’s strategic sovereignty in the new world disorder.

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