Wednesday, January 19

Macron tries to “clown” Boris Johnson



The satirical weekly The chained Duck, traditionally well informed, has published this Thursday that Emmanuel Macron would have treated Boris
from ‘vulgar clown’.

According to Canard, the French president would have addressed the English prime minister in those terms during his recent trip to Croatia, as the culmination of a private conversation.

The satirical weekly in its edition reproduces this verbatim phrase: «BoJo talks to me at full speed, everything is fine, we have adult discussions, and, suddenly, he attacks / hits us in an inelegant way. The same circus is always repeated. It is very sad to see a great country, with which we could do so many things, led by a clown ».

Hours after uttering that phrase, Macron made an official statement in Rome along the same lines: «How little seriousness, that of a prime minister addressing his neighbors through his Twitter account, in public … I was surprised that such non-serious methods are used.

It does not communicate between governments through tweets. We will negotiate, when the English Government behaves more seriously. In its day, last Friday, that official statement by the French president was considered a “break”.

The unofficial treatment of “clown” will predictably aggravate the rosary of contentious poisoned between France and England: fishing, police control / lack of control of the English Channel, post-Brexit bilateral agreements, trade agreements between London, Washington and Canberra.

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